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Revive Israel Ministries
Flood by Fire
July 2000 by Asher Intrater

The New Covenant claims that when Yeshua returns there will be a giant fire that will flood the earth. This is taught in many places, for example, Luke 17 and II Peter 3

However, when we have been sharing with our Israeli friends and relatives, the idea can sound somewhat foreign or "Christian" or Gentile.  It is important to establish this idea in the Tenach (OT scriptures), since it is an important aspect of judgment day and the Messiah. Actually, the idea that fire would fall from heaven to punish sinners is well documented in the Tenach. Gen 19 - God rains fire from heaven to destroy Sodom because of their sins. Leviticus 10 - God sends fire to destroy Nadav and Abihu for unholiness in the priesthood ministry. Numbers 16 - God sends fire from heaven to destroy the camp of Korah for their refusal to submit to God's anointed messenger Moses. II Kings 1 - God sends fire from heaven to destroy the soldiers who came to arrest God's anointed prophet Elijah.There is also implication of fire in many prophetic passages such as Joel and Amos and Malachi.  There is the picture of fire in the war in Zechariah 14. There is also the fire that fell from heaven in the book of Job.  This fire actually came from Satan, but it was understood by them as having come from God. The flood of Noah gives us an indication of the size and scope of the end times flood.  The fire at Sodom gives us an idea of the substance and intensity of the material. Put Noah's flood together with Sodom's brimstone and you get a pretty scary picture of judgment.  For this God in His mercy offers us salvation.