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Revive Israel Ministries
Strategic Global Prayer Bullets
© August 2005 by Asher Intrater

1. Islam's Three Targets - We could do well to learn from the three key targets of militant Islam: the first is Israel, the second is America, and the third is the evangelists sharing the gospel in Asia. Along with America, we need to understand that Islam wants the collapse of all "Western" society, but the point is still the same. Let's look in reverse: If we are to see God's plan succeed, we should understand God's divine connection between Israel, the USA, and World Evangelism. I recently heard an Asian evangelist complain about America and Israel, and I asked him to look at himself as part of the common target of terrorism that is coming against the other two. For all its faults, Israel is still the home for the Second Coming of Yeshua and the seat of His millennial government. America, for all its faults, is still the strongest country in the world with a viable evangelical community, and still gives more to missions and to Israel than any other nation. World Evangelism, of course, is the great mandate that Yeshua has given us to bring His kingdom of love to the world.

2. Britain's Hour of Decision - In the same thought, the people of England are now dealing with their reactions to terror. They will either decide to fight or to cave in. I pray that they would decide to fight. If they do, it could open the door to a new spread of the gospel there.

3. Lebanon's Opportunity - I don't think world prayer warriors have yet grasped the significance of what happened in Lebanon this year. There is a huge spiritual battle for the country. The militant Muslims influenced by Syria were defeated in the last election by the nominal "Christian" party (Greek Orthodox) led by the Harari family. This could be the first opening in our generation for a breakthrough of the gospel in an Arab nation. Let's pray for a forest fire of revival to break out there. Pray for the new government to stabilize the country and for freedom of religious expression to prevail. Remember "S," head of the largest Spirit-filled church in Beirut, and all those who are laboring in evangelism there.

4. Ukraine's Opportunity - Likewise we need to see the victory over powers and principalities that was won this year in Ukraine when Victor Yvchenko became the head of the government. The opposition satanically gave him a huge dose of lethal poison, yet he miraculously survived. (We still need to pray for his healing to be complete, as he is reportedly still weak.) This man is also open to freedom of religious expression. The gospel has already grown to a large extent in Ukraine during the past fifteen years, but this is another open door for new growth.

5. Central Asia - Please continue to pray for multiplication from our evangelism conference in Kazakhstan this month. This is the historic timing for a wave of revival to spread across the non-Arabic nations that stand on the periphery of the Muslim block. (This includes central Africa as well.) Literally millions are coming to the Lord in these Asian third-world nations. The gospel workers are young, indigenous, non-white, with a vision for apostolic multiplication. Let's keep backing them in prayer (and of course wherever we can get money to them, let's give as well).

6. Messianic Jewish Youth - As I traveled across the U.S. these past 2 1/2 weeks, I was blessed to see the new generation of Messianic Jews (mostly in their early 20's) who are alive with the Spirit of God, on fire for evangelism, and have a heart for immigration to Israel . It seems that a new generation is arising that will spiritually "take the land". Hallelujah. Let's pray for them to be discipled and released into ministry and leadership. Despite all our mistakes as the "fathers" of the Messianic movement, the grace of God is allowing these young people to ignore our faults and "go after" the Lord. (I suppose the Lord is more faithful to His and our covenants than we are. PTL)

7. The Disengagement - Well, the time has finally come. As if it weren't obvious enough, the weather in Israel has been blistering hot these last two weeks. Tomorrow, Sunday, August 14, is the traditional Jewish day of fasting for mourning over national disasters in our history. The day following, Monday, August 15, the disengagement starts. Let us join in this Sunday with a day of fasting and intercession for God's will to be done in the Middle East at this crucial turning point.

A. It seems that the disengagement will go through. The question is how painful will it be and how destructive will the resistance be. Most of those living in Gush Katif (Gaza), while opposing the disengagement with all their hearts, are law-abiding citizens and will probably leave in a respectful fashion. There is a more militant core that could fight against the government, but the bigger concern is a group of more extreme militants who are not citizens of Gaza who may have slipped into the area in order to stage a more dramatic and even possibly violent resistance. Let us pray for the disengagement to go through smoothly and for the nation to regroup in unity for its next stages.

B. Although I believe the current disengagement decision is the right one and the will of God for the current situation, I also believe we should pray that the demonstrations against it will be peaceful, law abiding and well publicized. It is right for the world to know the sacrifice Israel is making in the hopes of improving the political and social situation here in the Middle East. Despite all our problems, I am proud of our nation for being willing to do this. What other nation has been willing to sacrifice of its own for the greater good of the world around it? None. (With the exception of the US fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan against Islamic terrorism, and even that does not compare to the degree of sacrifice demanded here.) May the world community be moved to appreciate this brave little nation in a sea of adversaries, and be able to see something of the hand of God moving in history.

C. Much thanks to the 2,400 Korean Christians who came to Israel this week to pray for peace (many of them personal friends of mine). The timing was supernatural. May their prayers be answered for God's will to be done here on this part of the earth.

D. I have been praying for a way to express God's will for how we should pray for Israel at this time. My discernment from the Lord is that we should pray for exactly what Prime Minister Sharon has stated repeatedly - not more, not less; not to the right, nor to the left. Sharon has stated that it is strategically correct for us to withdraw from Gaza and from 5 small isolated settlements in northern Shomron (Samaria). He is being attacked from both sides. There are liberal humanists in Europe and America (and "replacement" theology Christians as well) that are calling for more "concessions" from Israel . We should stand against that. There are well meaning but mislead Christian Zionists and Messianic Jews who are attacking the Prime Minister (and the Israeli government and the Israeli people) in their prayers against the disengagement. (Some have been influenced by zealous religious nationalists in the land.) We should stand against that as well.

E. As the nation already looks forward to its political regrouping after the disengagement, let's pray for the extremists to lose their manipulative power in our government and society. There are extremists on the left, extremists on the right, extremists among Jewish orthodox religious groups, and of course Muslims. Because of the multiple party system in Israel and because of the deep-seated ethnic divisions, the extremist groups always manage to wield more power than is due them. Let's pray for a mainstream, stable, ethical, centrist government to arise that will represent the majority of the people - and of course allow for freedom of religious expression.

F. Unfortunately the Palestinians do not seem to be ready to handle this new stage. Hamas terrorists are demonstrating in the streets of Gaza. The Abu Mazen government has not been able to bring real order. Let us pray for the Palestinians to get to work to rebuild their economy and social infrastructure with a degree of sanity and integrity that has not yet been seen. May they use this opportunity for good, instead of degenerating into another cycle of vengeance and destruction mentality. The odds may seem against it, but I believe that if we pray, God can work miraculously. May there be a period of peace and order the next 4 to 5 years so that the quality of the Palestinians' lives may rise above the junk heap level, and that a new wave of evangelism can spread among our Arab neighbors. (Ultimately, without the gospel there is no hope, no matter what the political solution is.)

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