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John 17 Prayer - Part One
©December 7, 2008 Asher Intrater

This High Priestly prayer of Yeshua (Jesus) is a high water mark for intercessory prayer, a gold mine of revelation. Many people refer to John 17 as Yeshua's prayer for the unity of the Church. Certainly that is part of the prayer. However the prayer as a whole is much more.

The reference to our becoming "One" in Him is found 5 times in John 17, while the reference toYeshua's glory or our being glorified in Him is found 8 times. It is more of a prayer for the glorification of the Church than the unity of the Church.

A change in our understanding of John 17 could bring a breakthrough to intercessory prayer worldwide. It is a prayer for the Body of Messiah worldwide to come into its place of glory, destiny and holiness.

There is a difference between union and unity. Yeshua's primary prayer is for us to become "One" with Him and the Father. It is a prayer for our union with God. Certainly if we become one with God, we will become one with one another. However the union with God takes precedence over our unity with one another.

When we picture the people of God all over the world becoming one in God's glory, our understanding of God's purposes will expand exponentially. Peter wrote that we would be partakers of the divine nature (II Peter 1:4). Paul prayed that we would be filled with all the fullness of God (Ephesians 3:20).

John chapter 17 is a prayer that we will finish the great commission so all the world will know that Yeshua is Lord (John 17:21, 23). It is a prayer that we will fulfill the two great commandments to love God and to love one another (Mark 12, Luke 10).
It is a prayer that we will become the purified Bride of Christ as described in the book of Revelation and Ephesians.

Yeshua prayed that we could behold His glory. John experienced an answer to that prayer when he saw Yeshua in His glorified form in Revelation 1. The glory of God is the power that comes with the presence of the Lord. It flows like a river of fire from His throne (Daniel 7:10). It is like a giant tornado of nuclear power (Ezekiel 1). It was seen by the disciples on the Mount of Transfiguration (Luke 9, Matthew 17). They experienced a few "tongues" of that glory on Pentecost morning (Acts 2).

Yeshua said He shared the glory with the Father BEFORE the foundation of the world (John 17:5). That glory was there at the creation. The glory of God was the power that created the universe. It is like a giant Quasar; like a reverse black hole – that doesn't swallow up the universe, but spits it out.

How much power is that? Einstein proved that energy is equal to mass multiplied by the speed of light squared (E = MC2). If we take the total mass of all created matter and multiply it by this formula, we will come up with the total quantity of pure energy that was needed to create the universe. That is the power in the glory of God.

Update from Israel

An agreement was reached this year between Israel and Hamas for a "Regiah" – a time of calm in which there will not be attacks on one another. However in this month of November alone, 215 Kasam rockets were fired from Gaza into Israel! (So much for peace agreements with Hamas.)

On Thursday at 2:30 PM Israel special force police raided the "Peace" house in Hebron, cleared out all the Jewish settlers and welded the doors shut. The operation was completed with surprising efficiency in only 36 (!) minutes, despite predictions of a violent clash.

However the subject of Hebron is one that will continue to bring conflict between Israelis and Palestinians, within Israeli society itself, and even within the ranks of Messianic believers. Here is a brief summary of modern events in Hebron:

  • June, 1967 – In the wake of the Six Day War, Israel took control over Hebron
  • April, 1968 - Religious settlers arrive to celebrate Passover and start a Jewish community there
  • October, 1968 – Palestinian terrorists throw a hand grenade into the midst of Jewish settlers praying in the Machpela Cave (where Abraham and Sarah are buried). 47 were wounded.
  • May, 1980 – Terrorist open fire on a group of Jews coming to pray. Six are killed.
  • September, 1988 – Rabbi Levinger opens fire on a group of Palestinians in the center of Hebron. One is killed. Levinger is convicted in Israeli court.
  • February, 1994 – Dr. Baruch Goldstein enters the Machpela Cave with automatic rifle and murders 29 Palestinians Muslims who are praying there.
  • March, 2001 – Jewish Baby Shalhevet Pas is murdered by terrorist sniper fire.
  • November, 2002 – terrorist ambush kills 11 Israeli soldiers, police and civilians.
  • March, 2007 – Several hundred Jewish settlers occupy "Peace" house on the border of Palestinian neighborhood in Hebron.

Last week, Indian child care worker Sandra Samuel rescued 2 year old Moishi Holtzberg from the hands of terrorists who murdered his parents. This week she arrived in Israel for the funeral, saying that her place is to stay with Moishe and take care of him.

Sandra testified in an interview with Israeli journalist: "I am a Catholic Christian and for me to work with a Jewish family is a gift. I grew up on stories from the Bible and about how the Jewish people are the chosen people. I believe that whoever helps the Jews will receive a special blessing."

Barkat –
Nir Barkat, the new mayor of Jerusalem, in an interview on Israeli TV, mentioned that although he himself is "secular", his grandfather was the then chief rabbi of Lubavitch. The Lubavitch Rebbe was a direct descendant of the Baal Shem Tov Rebbe, who claimed to be a direct descendant of King David. In other words, Barkat claims to be a direct descendant of King David. In another interview he mentioned that he saw himself as "following in King David's footsteps."

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