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Prophetic Importance of Buying Property in Israel
©April 27, 2008 Asher Intrater

The book of Jeremiah is filled with prophecies of the destruction of Jerusalem and after that God's judgment on all the nations of the world. In the middle of those prophecies of judgment is a beautiful section of hope concerning the restoration of the nation of Israel (Jeremiah 29 – 33). In the center of those chapters comes the great prophecy of the "New Covenant," in which the law will be written on our hearts (Jeremiah 31:31-34).

In its biblical context, the New Covenant is part and parcel of the restoration of Israel, and vice versa. They are inter-connected, and dependent one on the other.

Right after the description of the New Covenant comes God's promise that the people of Israel will never be completely destroyed (31:35-37). Since the covenant was first cut with the people of Israel, they must continue to exist if the covenant is to continue to be valid. Just as forgiveness of sins is an article of the New Covenant, so is the existence of the Jewish people.

These glorious promises of forgiveness and restoration come down to one practical issue: buying property in Israel. In chapter 32 we find Jeremiah in prison and the Babylonians already starting to destroy the city. At this critical point, God commands Jeremiah to buy property in Anatoth: arrange witnesses, sign the contract, and deliver the money (verses 1-12).

God then explains to Jeremiah that the buying of this property is a covenant act that will affect the plan of the kingdom of God in the end times. He prophesies: "Houses and fields and vineyards shall be possessed again in this land (v. 15)." This was not to be fulfilled in Jeremiah's time, but after "many days (v. 14)."

Let's summarize these prophecies: 1. The New Covenant will be initiated, 2. The nation of Israel will be destroyed and scattered, 3. The nation will be supernaturally preserved during exile, 4. After many years the people will be regathered and the nation restored, 5. At that time, Jews who are believers in the New Covenant (along with the rest of the nation) will buy houses and property in Israel.

The proposal to buy property in the middle of a war was so illogical and impractical that Jeremiah cries out in prayer, "You have said to me, O  Lord God, 'Buy the field for money, and take witnesses' – yet the city has been given into the hand of the Chaldeans (v. 25)." This is the biblical context for the famous worship chorus, "Ah Lord God, Thou has made the heavens and the earth by Thy great power. Nothing is impossible for Thee (v. 17 & 27)."

Just as the Lord has been emphasizing these scriptures to us, the dollar has dropped, real estate prices in Israel have leaped, persecution against believers has increased, and terrorist groups are stockpiling major weapons. At the same time, the Messianic remnant has grown and matured to the point that there are now many young families that are ready and need to buy homes.

The divine opportunity and the demonic attack came simultaneously. We, like Jeremiah, cry out, "Nothing is impossible for Thee." This seems like the worst possible circumstances to buy property in Israel, yet the timing of the prophecy has arrived. This chapter is being fulfilled in our hearing.

Buying property in Israel for Messianic believers is not only a practical need, it is of prophetic importance. Yeshua said that He would return only when we invite Him back with cries of, "Blessed be He who comes (Matthew 23:37-39)."
This prophetic invitation to Messiah Yeshua is central to our hope of the end times. It has to be done from the earth. There must be a critical mass of people inviting Him to return. It is not for angels, nor for saints who have gone to heaven. This is a spiritual bridge between heaven and earth, paving the way for Yeshua's return.

The connection to heaven is the Matthew 23 prayers; the connection to earth is the Jeremiah 32 purchases. As we believers represent Yeshua on earth, those purchases are part of His "title deed" to the Land. Recently Cindy Jacobs declared this simple yet profound prophecy over us, "property, property, property…" 

This is not just a promise for those who are Israeli citizens. It is a joint covenant venture for all those who look to His coming. We believe it is a fulfillment of Scriptures for international Christians and Israeli Messianics to work together to purchase property in Israel.

There are a number of options of how to co-own and co-finance property here.  If God has placed on your heart the desire to help a young Israeli family or ministry to purchase a home or a facility, let us know so that we can pray with you and advise you on some of the partnership options.

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