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People of the Covenant
©February 8, 2009 Asher Intrater

We call the Jewish people "B'nei Brith," or "Children of Covenant," because of God's covenant with Abraham. However, all people on the face of the earth are descendants of Noah, and he also had a covenant with God. Therefore all people of all races are also "Children of Covenant."

If we look at the history of the human race in 3 periods of 2,000 years, we could divide God's covenantal relationships with mankind into three general stages:

  1. Noahic – for all races of people, with natural faith in God, and basic moral commandments.
  2. Abrahamic – for the Israelite/Jewish people (and converts). This covenant includes several sub-covenants, including the Mosaic law, the Aaronic priesthood, and the Davidic kingdom.
  3. New – for all true born-again believers from every nation.

Each of these covenants has its own privileges and requirements. Each covenant includes and builds upon the previous one. The Abrahamic includes the Noahic, and the New Covenant includes the Abrahamic and the Noahic. No one stands before God without some kind of covenantal relationship, whether he wants to or not.

Each has an increasingly sharper understanding of moral law. Each has its own kind of atoning sacrifice and covenant signs. (The New Covenant superseded the animal sacrifices with the crucifixion of Yeshua.) Each has its level of revelation and its level of spiritual empowerment.

All three of the covenants were given by God through Yeshua. (As the Angel of the Lord, He was there at the flood of Noah, visited Abraham in his tent, appeared in the cloud to Moses at the Exodus and at Mount Sinai, and confirmed the covenant with all the prophets, priests, and kings.)

Divine judgment is based on covenant, because covenant demands loyalty and accountability.  Covenant contains blessing and cursing, pardon and punishment, grace and judgment. Every person will give account before God according to the covenant in which he stands, and only by the grace of God in Yeshua can we be saved.

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