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Three Men with Measuring Rods
©February 23, 2009 Asher Intrater

There are three biblical passages that describe a man with a measuring rod, one in Ezekiel and two in Revelation.

Ezekiel 40:2-7 - a glorified man, measuring a city and a temple.
Revelation 11:1-2 - a man (John) measuring a temple
Revelation 21:15-18 - an angel measuring a city.

Are these the same?

Revelation 21 says there is no Temple. This prophecy comes after the millennium of Revelation 20, and is part of the description of the New Heavens and Earth.  We can conclude that the angel is measuring the New Jerusalem in the New Creation.

Revelation 11 comes several chapters before the 2nd Coming and the Millennium. There are no "glorified" elements in this picture. It is part of the description of the Tribulation period. We can conclude that it is a description of the human Temple of the Tribulation period.

Ezekiel 40 comes after the great war of the end times, presumably right before the 2nd Coming. It is part of the overall description in chapters 40 – 48 about the Millennial Kingdom.  We can conclude that it is a description of Jerusalem and the Temple in the time of the Millennial Kingdom on earth.

In summary, we have three consecutive passages, parallel in form, progressing through three stages of the kingdom:
                Tribulation Temple – Revelation 11 (John)
                Millennial Temple and Jerusalem – Ezekiel 40 (Angel)
                New Creation Jerusalem – Revelation 21 (Angel).

The reason there is a measuring rod in each of the three visions is to show that the vision is literal, describing real buildings and a real city, not just a spiritual vision.

The three visions are similar and parallel in form to show that they are connected one to the other.  The tribulation temple is the predecessor of the Millennial temple, which in turn is the predecessor to the New Jerusalem, descending to earth from Heaven (Revelation 21). Seeing this connection helps us to understand the stages of progression in end-times' prophecies.

All Israel Shall Be Saved

In Romans 11:26, Paul (Saul) makes an amazing prophecy that "All Israel shall be saved." How could he be so sure? He was in fact quoting and commenting on a series of prophecies from Isaiah. He based his claim on these verses:

Isaiah 45:17 – Israel shall be saved by the Lord with eternal salvation.
Isaiah 45:25 – In the Lord all the descendants of Israel will be justified.
Isaiah 60:21 – Your people shall all be righteous.

These verses are also used in a significant way in rabbinic Judaism. At the beginning of every chapter of "pirke avot," the most important section of the entire Talmud, is found the statement, "All Israel has a part in the world to come."

Those verses from Isaiah form the base of a parallel claim, perhaps the most significant claim concerning the destiny of the people of Israel, in both Messianic Judaism and Rabbinic Judaism.

The Rabbis claim that every Jew, as a member of the chosen people, or every Jew who practices Orthodox Judaism is righteous by his observing of the traditions, has a place in the world to come.

The claim of Paul (Saul) is that there will be a national revival in Israel in the end times in which virtually the entire nation will turn in faith to Yeshua as Messiah. That prophetic destiny is a central statement of purpose that unites virtually all the Messianic Jews in Israel.

Israel Coalition

Benjamin Netanyahu is still working to form a coalition for the Israeli government. He has expressed his strong desire to make a broader unity government. I agree with him (Luke 11:17). However at this time, both the Labor and Kadima parties have refused to cooperate with him. The right wing religious parties don't want to have unity either. Only Avigdor Liberman has agreed with Netanyahu to work for unity.

Keep praying for God's will to be done, and for guidance for Netanyahu. Please pray as well for the crucial Interior Ministry position - particularly that it would stay out of the hands of the ultra-Orthodox, who continually persecute the Messianic community in Israel.

Personal Evangelism

We are continuing to see a great openness among Israelis to hear the good news of Messiah Yeshua. This is a new season of open heavens for personal evangelism. I am hopeful that what is happening here in Israel is indicative of a move of God in many other nations around the world. (If the root be holy, then so are the branches – Romans 11:16.)

While we participate in all kinds of evangelistic campaigns, we believe the most effective is personal sharing led by the Holy Spirit. In order to be witnesses for Yeshua we are given the power of the Holy Spirit (Acts 1:8); as well as the anointing of the Holy Spirit (Luke 4:18); as well as the boldness of the Holy Spirit (Acts 4:29). Any situation we find ourselves in, even the most negative, is an opportunity for the Holy Spirit to speak through us (Mark 13:9-11). Let us be sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit to share with those around us.

Many years ago there was a daily multiple vitamin with the name, "One-A-Day." We should all be expectant of the Holy Spirit to give us an opportunity to be a witness for Yeshua at least once a day. Imagine if believers everywhere in the world made this simple habit part of their daily walk with the Lord. The gospel would reach the whole world immediately.

This is exactly what Yeshua told us to pray for: that all the believers in the world would be part of making the good news known to everyone in the world (John 17:21, 23). Let's join in that prayer, and join in that sharing.

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