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©June 21, 2009 Asher Intrater

Iran Uprising

The most important news in the Middle East this week is the continuing protest of the Iranian people against the corrupt re-election of Ahmadinejad. The protest goes into its 9th day today. Many of the young people protesting are risking their lives to demand freedom. Israeli newspapers are dedicating wide coverage to the story. Although the Iranian regime has tried to close all media coming out of Iran reporting the event, private "bloggers" are sending out pictures and reports through the internet. A "YouTube" film of a young Iranian woman shot to death at the demonstration is shocking the world.

Netanyahu's Speech

Israel PM Netanyahu made several historic declarations in his speech on the Middle East peace process this week. He declared that the root of the conflict lies in the basic Arab (I would say "Muslim") enmity to the very existence of Israel. If there is to be peace, there must be a clear public and legal recognition of the state of Israel. He also noted that recent concessions by Israel concerning land have not led to progress in peace talks, but just the opposite.

Secondly he stated that Israel's right to live in this land is not based on a reaction to the Holocaust, but on 3,500 years of history going back to the biblical patriarchs. This is a key spiritual, covenantal point that has been missing in the political discussions in recent years.

Finally, by stating that Israel would be willing to support a Palestinian state if it were demilitarized has formed a new moderate conservative consensus with the Israeli political scene. It does not unite everyone, but does express the majority view.

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