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Revive Israel Ministries
Ahavat Yeshua
©September 7, 2009 Asher Intrater

Our congregational service this week did not start out in glory. The parking area had been blocked off. The sound system didn't work until the last minute. We had just switched secretaries, and our pastor Eddie was out of town.

The worship time started with a sweet spirit. After a half hour I asked if there were any testimonies. Idan shared about his visit to Rose in the hospital. He had played some praise choruses on his guitar, and people starting joining in: patients, nurses, hospital staff, other visitors – all unsaved Israelis, both Jews and Arabs. Two people were miraculously healed on the spot.

Then Christina shared that after the ministry of healing at the Elav youth conference, she was ready to pray for healing on the streets. She met a group of three young religious Jews on the street. One had a pain in his face, another in his leg. She prayed for them in the name of Yeshua, and both were healed.

Samuel, who is a graduate of an elite Israeli army commando unit, told of meeting a group of Israeli soldiers on the street and sharing the gospel with them. Sahar had shared his faith with his fellow students at college.

SI led out in an impromptu worship chorus and the congregation joined in. Other testimonies came. There were dreams, prophecies, prayers, a prophetic painting, a new couple who just made aliyah, more gospel witnessing. Some twenty young Israelis shared in all sorts of gifts of the Holy Spirit.

A young man from a religious Jewish family, not yet a believer in Yeshua, has been coming to our congregation recently. He has a degree from Hebrew University in Bible. He came forward and said he had a “little” something to share.

He had come to Heskel and Odelia's wedding this week. Although he grew up in a religious home, he had never experienced anything like it. He said he saw a vision of two angels with their wings spread out over the wedding canopy (Chupah) as Heskel and Odelia gave their vows. He was visibly shaken. I said, "Just a little something, huh?"

By now we were two hours into the meeting, and had missed the announcements, the offering, and all the traditional parts of the service. That morning I had asked the Lord what He wanted me to teach on. I simply heard the words, “You must be born again.” I told every one to open to John 3 and preached a short but forceful word on what it meant to be born again.

At the end I challenged the congregation if there was anyone who needed to be born again. This same young man was sitting in the back row and rushed to the front. He was gloriously born again. Many prophetic words came forth for him with the laying on of hands. Please lift up this dear new saint in prayer.

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