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Feast of Trumpets 2009 Part One
©September 13, 2009 Asher Intrater

Messianic congregations in Israel will be meeting together this week to celebrate the feast of Trumpets under the Lordship of Yeshua. The law of Moses commands us to celebrate this feast, but does not give the full meaning of the trumpet (shofar) blowing. 

Leviticus 23:24 – In the seventh month on the first day of the month will be for you a Sabbath of remembrance, for sounding of the trumpet, a holy assembly.

We are given a hint of the meaning of the trumpets in the battle of Jericho (Joshua 6), but the fuller meaning is revealed by the 7 trumpets of the book of Revelation. The 7 trumpets of Revelation provide the prophetic message of the feast of Trumpets.

The key to understanding the feast of Trumpets is the trumpets of Revelation; the key to understanding the trumpets of Revelation is the feast of Trumpets. As the crucifixion of Yeshua was connected to Passover; and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit to the feast of Weeks; so are the tribulation judgments connected to the feast of Trumpets.

The Levitical priesthood presents to us divine symbols, whose prophetic meaning is revealed in the New Covenant. The prophetic meaning is incomprehensible without understanding the symbols themselves.

Deuteronomy 29:28 – The secret things belong to the Lord, and the revealed things belong to us and to our children.

What is revealed partially in the Torah is fully unveiled in the Apocalypse. The roots and the fruits are connected. The secret things of the Lord are revealed in stages until the open heavens of Revelation.

Revelation 1:1 – The revelation of Yeshua the Messiah which was given to Him by God in order to show them to His servants…

Seven angels are given seven trumpets to sound for the seven churches on the feast of Trumpets in the seventh month. The feast of Trumpets is the biblical framework of the seven trumpets. It symbolizes the judgments and tribulations of the end times leading up to the coming of King Messiah.

Revelation  8:6 – The seven angels who have seven trumpets in their hands prepared to sound.

Each trumpet brings an increasing stage of revelation of God's plan. With each trumpet blast there is a revelation and a judgment that occur simultaneously. The trumpet blast on earth matches the trumpet blast in heaven. The 7th trumpet gives the 7th and final stage of God's revelation.

Revelation 10:7 – In the days of the sounding of the seventh angel; when he stands to blow the trumpet, the mystery of God will also be completed, as He proclaimed to His servants the prophets.

Along with the trumpets and the tribulations, comes a proclamation of God's mystery. I believe a prophetic mantle is coming upon the Messianic remnant in Israel to proclaim these revelations. We are the link between the religious community of Israel which has preserved the Levitical symbolism and the world wide Spirit-filled Church which is awaiting the prophetic revelations of the end times.

Revelation 11:1 – Rise and measure the temple of God and the altar and those worshiping in it!  But do not measure the outer court and the surrounding area, for it has been given to the Gentiles to trample the Holy City forty two months.

This astounding prophecy describes something half good and half bad. A time will come (perhaps the first half of the last seven years of tribulation) during which an international governing coalition will take charge of the Temple Mount area, turning it into an inter-faith religious center, with a Jewish Temple as well. With the growing orthodox Jewish control of Jerusalem and the growing international political interest in Jerusalem, such a scenario seems not so far away.

When Madonna was here recently, she proclaimed that Israel was the center of "spiritual energy" in the world - a strange but true prophecy from one of the high priestesses of the Jezebel spirit.

This year Israel has become virtually the only nation which represents covenant values. When George W Bush was President of the US, he spoke of covenant, while Israeli prime minister, Ehud Olmert did not. Now US President Obama does not speak of covenant, but Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu does. We are beginning to live in the times that the book of Revelation speaks of. The time is at hand.

The 7th trumpet brings the final revelation of God's plan before the 2nd Coming of Yeshua. Since Yeshua is returning to take over planet earth and all its systems of authority, the last trumpet revelation deals exactly with that topic.

Revelation 11:15 – The seventh angel sounded his trumpet and great voices were heard in the heavens, saying, "The kingdoms of this world have become the kingdom of our Lord and of His Messiah, and He will reign forever and ever."

A trumpet sounds here, and a trumpet sounds in heaven. There is a heavenly message that goes with it. Whoever has physical ears will hear the earthly trumpet. Whoever has spiritual ears will hear the heavenly message that goes with it.

God doesn't need us Messianic Jews just to blow the shofar. He wants us as well to hear His voice and proclaim His prophetic message. The gospel of the kingdom is not just fire insurance (to get out of hell) and a helicopter ticket (to get into heaven). It is a property deed of ownership of this planet. It is a manifesto of government authority.

God's mandate to rule on this planet was given by covenant to Israel through King David. David's greater Son is coming back to rule over David's greater kingdom, and He wants us to rule and reign with Him. The Messianic remnant of Israel will take up its prophetic mantle and declare the coming of that kingdom.  If we are humble and faithful, He will provide the media tools to communicate those messages. May He give us ears to hear, a heart to understand, and the boldness to proclaim.

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