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Revive Israel Ministries

Praying for Revival in Israel
©January 3, 2010 Asher Intrater

Almost 30 years ago, I visited the Western Wall at the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. I was praying with traditional Jewish garb of Kipah (Head Covering), Tallit (Prayer Shawl) and Tefillin (leather phylacteries). I felt the urge to intercede earnestly in the Spirit – what I jokingly referred to later as "tongues and tefillin."

At that moment I had vision of a water fall flowing off the Temple Mount over my head. It was not a cascade of water, but of light. As the light touched me, I was taken into the Spirit. I had a sudden discernment of the evil spiritual strongholds surrounding Jerusalem that were arrayed to prevent revival from happening.

Most of the demonic strongholds had to do with religious spirits, particularly Islamic Jihad, Rabbinic Judaism and Orthodox Christianity. I sensed the Holy Spirit telling me: "These spirits are too strong for you. Even if you and all the Messianic Jews work together to the best of your ability, you will fail."

I cried out to the Lord, asking for a solution. I perceived Him saying: "The only way you will succeed is for the entire international Church to be praying with the Messianic Jews in Israel." God is raising up that prayer army in every nation around the world today (surely one of the reasons you are receiving this update.)

All Israel will be Saved

We believe that "All Israel will be Saved (Romans 11:26)." This is not only an apocalyptic vision but a practical plan that guides us on a day-to-day basis. Romans 1 through 8 describe step-by-step the principles of salvation: natural creation, moral conscience, universal sin, faith and forgiveness, substitutionary atonement, new birth, struggling with the flesh, and victory through the Holy Spirit.

In chapters 9 through 11, Shaul (Paul) goes on to teach of God's predestined plan to bring partnership between Jews and Gentiles, to bring Israel to salvation, and how the combining of the two will bring about world redemption. Unfortunately, many miss the significance of this section of Scripture, seeing it as a digression of Paul's thought, merely a concern for his natural relatives. But it is much more.

Romans 11:25 speaks of the "fullness of the Gentiles coming in." This fullness of the Gentile international Church is what causes the revival in the nation of Israel. The word "fullness" here is the Greek pleroma and appears twice in this same chapter, the other time referring to the Messianic Jewish remnant: "How much more will their fullness be (Romans 11:12)!"

So there are two fullnesses here: one of the international Church and one of the remnant of Israel. The fullness of the Church brings about the revival in Israel. The fullness of Israel brings about the resurrection of the dead. Romans 11:15 – "What will their restoration be but life from the dead?" The restoration of Israel and the Church are parallel. One influences the other.

The fullness of the Church leads to revival in Israel. The fullness of Israel leads to resurrection of the dead. The dual restoration of Israel and the Church together leads to the Second Coming of Yeshua (Jesus) and the millennial kingdom on earth. This is a deep mystery and a central theme of the book Israel, the Church and the Last Days that Dan Juster and I wrote together some 20 years ago.

Doing the Stuff

There are practical steps that we must take every day to further the vision of revival - doing the kind of acts that were done in the "Acts of the Apostles." If we do the same stuff, we'll get the same results. Here are some examples this week:

Television: If the whole nation is to be reached, then mass media, particularly television and internet, should be used. This week we have a significant new opportunity for sharing on local Israeli television. Please pray for this opportunity and many others.

Deliverance: This week a young Israeli man, "J", who has been involved in a satanic cult, repented and threw away a bunch of his demonic paraphernalia. Pray for total deliverance, healing and restoration.

Young leadership: There has been a failure in many congregations to raise up young leadership. We are committed to equipping new leaders and releasing them into service. Pray for this week's service at our congregation in Jerusalem (Ahavat Yeshua), which will be run totally by our younger generation.

Personal Evangelism: Pray for "A" and "S", an Israeli man and woman, who prayed to receive the Lord this week. Pray for "I" and "S", two new Israeli young men, both from religious backgrounds, who are already sharing their faith and encouraging others. Pray for local evangelists, "E", "A" and "R", to be encouraged, healed and anointed as they share. May much lasting fruit be born.

World Missions: Several of our young adults returned from a trip to Africa this month with Ron Cantor and from India with Stu Winograd. There were supernaturally healings, evangelism and a renewal of zeal for all involved.

Messianic Moshav

One of the most exciting aspects of our ministry for this year is our cooperation with Yad Hashmonah, the Messianic moshav (kibbutz style community) in the Judean hills outside of Jerusalem.  We are partnering with them on three projects: the Biblical gardens, a business industrial park for Messianics, and a housing development for young Messianic families.

The gospel in Israel must not be words alone, but also backed with good deeds and "facts on the ground". Yad Hashmonah is an important pillar in the Messianic community in Israel, and fulfills our commitment to the restoration of Zion, settling the land, and influencing the marketplace. Please pray for them, for our cooperation, and for the large amount of financing that will be required to fund these projects.

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