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Israel News Update - Anti-missiles, Academia, Anti-Semitism
©January 10, 2010 Asher Intrater

Anti-Missile System - The Israeli Defense Force announced this week that they have successfully completed the "Iron Dome" anti-missile system. The system identifies immediately if a rocket is shot in the direction of Israel, whether from Hizballah, Hamas or Iran. Instantly computers analyze where the rocket will land. If it is to land in an unpopulated area, there is no response. If the computer shows that the rocket will land in a populated area, it launches an anti-missile missile that will intercept the incoming rocket. The system was tested this week in a variety of conditions and worked perfectly. The IDF expects "Iron Dome" to be operational before the end of the year.

Ancient Pottery - Professor Gershon Gallil reported a major discovery in biblical research this week. He found a piece of pottery (16.5 centimeters in width), in the Bet Shean area, dated to the 10th century BC (!).  The writing on the pottery is an ancient form of Hebrew. This proves the early date of Hebrew writing, which proves the early date of the writing of Scriptures. While religious Jews and Christians already believe in the early date of Scriptures, it is primarily denied in the academic world. This discovery gives backing to the validity of Scriptures within the academic world. In addition, it gives further proof of the early settlement of the Jewish people in the Holy Land.

Rabbi "J" - Recently in a speech before a Christian audience, Rabbi Shlomo Riskin of the orthodox Jewish settlement of "Ephrat" near Jerusalem, spoke of Jesus as an authentic rabbi and as an inspirational figure. This five minute video is well worth the watch.

Sport of Anti-Semitism - This week, Shahar Pe'er, Israeli female tennis player ranked 30 in the world, was suddenly faced with a crowd of anti-Semitic protesters with signs such as "End Israeli Apartheid" and "Stop the Massacre in Gaza – Boycott Israel Now."  This sad deception seems to be growing out of control for this to be happening to an Israeli sports player not at all connected to the Israeli government or military decisions.  Shahar's admirable (and typical) Israeli response to this persecution was, "The more their protests against me grow, the better I will play."  Despite these protests, Shahar Pe'er received a visa this week from the United Arab Emirates to play in the upcoming tournament in Dubai. 

Television - Please keep praying as preparations are being made for an interview with Asher on a major Israeli television program. May the Lord's will alone be done.

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