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Revive Israel Ministries
Revive Israel Activity Report
©February 1, 2010 Asher Intrater

Asher is traveling and teaching this week at the Gateways Discipleship School in Cyprus. In an effort to better inform you what your prayers and money support, the Revive Israel team has prepared an update of our activities and some interesting world news.


  • Revive Israel team members shared the gospel with "N", "Na", "M", "Y", "B", and many others, as well as visiting Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital to share the gospel with injured Israeli's.


  • Planning for the spring semester of Sha'ar Hakerem has begun.

Strengthening the local Body

  • Many weeks there are unbelieving Israeli's visit the congregation. One particular young man is receiving healing after being significantly involved in Satanic practices.
  • Our team served at Makor HaTikvah (a local believing school) by re-laying stone walkways, painting and spackling, cleaning out storage rooms, organizing files, and gardening.
  • We also served at Dugit (an evangelism center in Tel Aviv) by transporting food stuffs from a storage facility to a newly opening distribution center, painting and spackling, assembling shelving, and cleaning.
  • Asher and Eddie met with other Israeli pastors for prayer and discussion.

Judean Hills Project

  • A subsidiary entity called "Business Pioneering – Investment Initiation and Management" that will assist in the development of believing Israeli businesses.

"The word will go forth from Zion"

  • "U and V" traveled to Europe to speak and develop connections with the believing community in Switzerland and France.
  • "U" is currently attending a conference regarding outreach to Muslims.
  • Together with Director Kim, Revive Israel led a conference for Korean and Japanese believers.  The conference was a huge success with three days of fellowship, worship and teaching.
  • Asher was interviewed for an Israeli educational television program.

Team Building and Other Team-based Activities

  • The Revive Israel team spent over 418 man-hours in prayer and worship over the past month.
  • We have procured additional space for our ministry center. The prayer room will be moved into the new space this week. The former worship room is being renovated into additional office space.

World News

Death of Mahmoud al-Mabhouh

Mahmound al-Mabhouh, arms smuggler, commander of Hezbollah forces, and guerrilla liaison to the Iranian Revolutionary Guards in Syria, was found dead in his hotel room in Dubai.  Hamas has accused the Mossad in his assassination.  He was responsible for much of the smuggling of long- range rockets into the Gaza strip. Mabhouh also played a key role in the kidnappings and deaths in 1989 during the first intifada of two Israeli soldiers – Sgt. Avi Sasportas and Pvt. Ilan Sa’adon.

Iranian Protesters Executed

Two anti-government activists were hanged in Iran; Arash Rahmanipour and Mohammad Reza Alizamani. Their lawyer stated that the government is trying to prevent the expansion of the current opposition movement through intimidation tactics.  Five others involved in protests over June's presidential election were sentenced to die.

Rise in Anti-Semitic Activity in 2009

According to an annual report for 2009, authored by the Coordination Forum for Countering Anti-Semitism (CFCA) presented by the Chair of the Jewish Agency Natan Sharansky, there was an increase in anti-Semitic incidents and violence in Western Europe.

A majority of attacks happened in the beginning of 2009 just after Operation Cast Lead in the Gaza Strip.  The greatest increase was reported in France, followed by Britain, and lastly the Netherlands

International Holocaust Remembrance Day

A ceremony in honor of International Holocaust Remembrance Day was held Wednesday at the Auschwitz death camp in Poland.  Both Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Shimon Peres spoke before the crowd in Hebrew which included Polish President Lech Kaczynski, the president of the European Parliament, and a party of MK's from Israel.  President Lech Kaczynski recounted the many atrocities and stated the "Jews were murdered simply because they were Jews."  He also warned that "If this is what happened, it could happen again in the future.",7340,L-3840535,00.html

JOS, Nigeria

After sending a team of Israeli evangelists to minister in Nigeria, terrible violence has broken out between Christians and Muslims. Last week 326 people were left dead in Jos.  A state police commissioner initially said the violence began after Muslim youths set a Christian church ablaze, but Muslim leaders denied that. Muslims say it began with an argument over the rebuilding of a Muslim home in a predominantly Christian neighborhood that had been destroyed in November 2008.

Ali Hassan al-Majeed, known as "Chemical Ali" was hung

Ali Hassan al-Majeed, 68, an Iraqi general who became known as "Chemical Ali" for ordering poison-gas attacks on Kurdish civilians, was hung on January 25, 2009, in Baghdad after a special tribunal handed him his fourth death sentence for crimes against humanity during the regime of his cousin, Saddam Hussein.

An estimated 5,000 Kurds died and as many as 10,000 others were injured when Iraqi aircraft dropped a variety of chemical bombs containing mustard gas, nerve gas and other toxic agents. It was the deadliest chemical attack against civilians in history.

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