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Revive Israel Ministries

Revive Israel Activities Update
© March 7, 2010 by Jonathan Moore

  • Here are a few new Israelis that Revive Israel team members have shared the gospel with this month:
    • "D," "DL," and "A" (three students who came to hear about Messianic Judaism for a research project.)
    • "N"(she has been hearing the gospel for a couple months now and has begun praying in Yeshua's name!  She is very close to making a firm commitment before she joins the army.)
    • "A" (a young Muslim man)
    • "E" family (We've been praying over the parents and have already seen many breakthroughs in their stance on our beliefs)
    • "R" (A friend of L's)
    • Many others including an opportunity to share about our faith with a policeman (no, we weren't getting a ticket)

Sha'ar Hakerem (Vineyard Gate), a Hebrew speaking discipleship program

  • Began inviting teachers for the spring semester
  • Began receiving applications for full-time enrollment in the spring semester

Team Discipleship

  • Our staff members are taking turns teaching through the gospel of Matthew and are given feedback as part of an ongoing effort to develop the team's teaching ability

Strengthening the Israeli Body of Messiah

Ahavat Yeshua Congregation

  • A special Purim service was held at Yad Hashmonah along with other Jerusalem area congregations.  This time mostly focused on the children and was very fun for all involved.

Giving (Financially Supporting Both the Needy and Believing Organizations)

  • January
    • Number of cases opened: 12
    • Number of cases approved: 12
    • Amount of money distributed: $ 14,250
  • February
    • Number of cases opened: 11
    • Number of cases approved: 11
    • Amount of money distributed: $14,575


  • Shani has been leading the planning team for the nationwide Israeli youth conference Katzir (Harvest) that will take place this month.  Many of our team members will participate as small group leaders and Revive Israel will help with costs as necessary.
  • We helped in the organization of a day of nationwide fasting and prayer held at the Pavilion in Jerusalem.  Oded Shoshani moderated the event. Asher was one of the speakers and shared powerfully on the prophetic implications of the book of Esther for today. This sacred assembly started with praise and worship, continued on in personal repentance, then in identificational repentance for the whole nation. The pastors worked together in exemplary unity and humility.  This is the second conference of fasting and prayer in the last year and appears to be turning into a twice yearly event – Rosh Hashanah and Purim.
  • Mati taught junior high students at Makor Hatikvah (Source of Hope), a Messianic Hebrew speaking school, on the topic of "Making Good Decisions and Life Success.
Educational Efforts
  • Began mailing lists for Chinese and Dutch.
  • Sent teachings in English, German, French, Japanese, Korean, and Polish on topics such as:
    • God and Government
    • The Destiny of the Messianic Remnant of Israel in Romans 11
    • The Meaning of Stating "Yeshua is Lord"
    • The testimony of Mosab Hassan Yousef
Speaking Engagements
  • The Revive Israel team ministered at the International Chinese Christian conference, sponsored by "Melody of My Heart," held at the Ramada in Jerusalem.  Eddie and Asher gave key messages and the team participated in prayer over two days of the conference.  Abigail led team members in sharing with the youth and young adults during a special session at the conference.
Team Building and Other Team-based Activities
  • The Revive Israel team spent over 239 man-hours in prayer and worship over the past month.
  • Israel Office went on a team training and planning retreat for 3 days
    • The focus of the entire time was on team unity
    • Eddie led a session uncovering and addressing some of the areas of disagreement and misunderstanding within the leadership
    • Mati led a session on what he sees Revive looking like in 5 years
    • Liad assisted an outside professional in a 4 hour communication workshop that identified those who were analytical, task-oriented, embracing, or colorful
    • Time was also invested in praying over wives of team members, especially those who are generally not able to come to the office
    • Fun was had by all during an afternoon of offroading in jeeps
  • Relocated Prayer Room to a larger and far nicer facility (new location is about 30 meters from the old one).
  • Mati is exploring a new project on how to assist Israeli victims of terror.
  • Revive Israel held a "partners conference" in which several people who were once part of Revive and are still close covenant partners came for a day of sharing, prayer, and reconnecting.

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