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Divine and Davidic
©May 23, 2010 Asher Intrater

We believe that Yeshua (Jesus) is both man and God. Once I was meditating on Romans 1 where Yeshua is described as Seed of David (verse 3) and Son of God (verse 4). I sensed the Holy Spirit ask me which was more important. I answered: "Being the Son of God." The Holy Spirit said, "No." To which I responded in surprise, "That He is the son of David?!"  I sensed the Holy Spirit say again, "No." I was perplexed. The solution came in the still voice within: "That He is both together."

It is by being both God and man that Yeshua becomes the source of our salvation. He is God in the image of man, and man in the image of God (Genesis 1:27).  He is the divine judge who punishes our sins and the human substitute who takes away our sins.

Among the Israeli Messianic leadership this past year, both sides of the issue were debated. There was a small group of leaders who denied Yeshua's divinity; there was another small group who denied his humanity. The vast majority of the pastors and elders stood firmly with His dual nature.

In the New Covenant scriptures there is a development in the understanding of who Yeshua is. It starts with the Davidic in the gospel of Matthew and progresses toward the Divine in the book of Revelation. I see three stages:

  1. Yeshua as king of Israel – synoptic gospels and Acts
  2. Yeshua as head of Church – Pauline Epistles
  3. Yeshua as angel of YHVH – Writings of John.

The New Covenant starts in Matthew with the genealogy of Yeshua. This chapter is a bridge which connects the gospel events to the biblical history of Israel's kingdom. The emphasis is that Yeshua is the son of David. [Note: For this reason the genealogy is divided into periods of 14 (verses 17-18). In Hebrew there are no vowels; therefore the equivalent of David is spelled: DVD. Each letter has a numerical value: D is 4; V is 6. David's name equals 4-6-4, totaling 14. The number 14 emphasizes that Yeshua is David's son.]

God gave the government of planet earth to David (II Samuel 7). If we don't understand the Davidic nature of Yeshua, we miss our dominion over this planet, the transformation of the kingdoms of the world (Revelation 11:15), the restoration of the kingdom to Israel (Acts 1:6), and the literal nature of the millennial kingdom. That's why the connection to David is so important.

With each stage of the revelation of Yeshua, there is a corresponding revelation of our destiny in Him. The revelation of Yeshua as king of Israel was given to Shimon (Peter) in Matthew 16. Yeshua tells Shimon that this revelation was not human or natural, but heavenly and supernatural (verse 17). At the same time, Peter receives spiritual authority that whatever he would bind or loose on earth would be done so in heaven (verse 18-19). The same is true for anyone today who comes to faith in the same revelation that Shimon Peter had.

The revelation of Yeshua as head of the Church was given to Shaul (Paul) in Ephesians 1. Yeshua has ascended into heaven over all powers and principalities (verses 20-21). Shaul says that this understanding was given to him by revelation and prays for us to have the same enlightenment (verses 17-18). That enlightenment will impart to us the same power and authority that Yeshua has, both in this world and the world to come. We are seated with Him spiritually in heaven (Ephesians 2:6-7).

The revelation of Yeshua as king of Israel was given to Shimon (Peter) and as head of the church to Shaul (Paul). Yet the full revelation of Yeshua as the angel of YHVH and the manifestation of God in human form was given to John (Yochanan). John's revelation also connects Yeshua to the Law of Moses and the Hebrew Prophets.

  1. He is the light and word of creation: John 1 and Genesis 1
  2. He is the Angel of the Lord whose finger wrote the Ten Commandments: John 8:6 and Exodus 31:18
  3. He is the God-man who appeared to Abraham: John 8:56 and Genesis 18
  4. He is the glorified King on the throne who appeared to Isaiah: John 12:41 and Isaiah 6
  5. He is the Man of fire who appeared to Daniel: Revelation 1:13-15 and Daniel 10:5-6
  6. He is the Man on the throne over the cherubim who appeared to Ezekiel: Revelation 3:21; 4:2-7; 5:6-8 and Ezekiel 1:4-12, 26
  7. He is the Commander of the armies of YHVH who appeared to Joshua: Revelation 19:11-14 and Joshua 5:13-15.

The first stage of our destiny is revealed to us through Peter in the gospels; the second stage through Paul in the epistles. The ultimate stage is through John. The book of Revelation is the final revelation (Revelation 1:1).

As we meditate on the vision of Yeshua in the book of Revelation, a change takes place in us. As we grasp who He really is, so do we grasp who we are in Him. His eyes are a flame of fire. He wears many crowns. He is dressed in white, with a gold band on His chest and a sword coming out of His mouth. His hair is like wool and His face is shining like the sun. 

When that picture gets IN you, it makes you different. There is new power, passion, and purity. Holiness burns out carnality and worldliness. We see a heavenly perspective of the kingdom. We are made ready for His coming. We have a new ability to judge and rule and war. Dominion and authority are imparted.

May we see both the Davidic and Divine aspects of Yeshua! May God grant us the understanding of who Yeshua is as was revealed to Peter, Paul, and John! And may we be changed to be like Him.

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