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Envelopes and Puzzle Pieces
©July 5, 2010 by Asher Intrater

Netanyahu and Shalit

This week some 10,000 demonstrators are marching on foot across Israel to protest the now 4 year imprisonment of kidnapped soldier Gilad Shalit. There is no Israeli, left wing or right wing, religious or secular, who does not share in the pain and suffering of the Shalit family.

Ironically, many of the marchers and news reporters blame Netanyahu for refusing to make enough concessions to obtain Gilad's release. Yet this week, Netanyahu reiterated his willingness to release one thousand (1,000!) Palestinian prisoners, currently held on charges related to terrorism, in return for Gilad.  Unfortunately, protests calling for more concessions tend to encourage Hamas to increase demands on Israel rather than coming to agreement.

Mousab Update

Thank God that Mousab Hasan Yousef was granted political asylum in the US. His Israeli security officer, Gonen Ben Yitzhak, risked his life and career by coming to testify on his behalf.

This week, the Hebrew translation of Mousab's book appeared in book stores in Israel. Pray for his book to be a giant best seller here, and that the historical information, the analysis of Islamic terrorism, and his personal testimony of faith touch many lives.

Yehudit's Bat Mitzvah

Congregation Ahavat Yeshua celebrated our first Bat Mitzvah with Yehudit J. After the worship the Torah portions were read in Hebrew; Yehudit chanted her portion perfectly, and gave a brief teaching and testimony. She received prayer and blessing from many friends and family members. Then we shared a community meal together. Please pray for two not-yet-saved Israeli friends who were in attendance.

Elav Conference

Pray for the Elav youth conference (sponsored by Rick Ridings and Sukkat Hallel) in Tel Aviv this weekend. Our Revive Israel team (with Asher teaching) will be ministering on Sunday evening.

Envelopes and Puzzle Pieces

God has a destiny for every one of us, a wonderful predestined plan specifically designed for each one individually (Romans 8:29, Ephesians 1:11, I Peter 1:4).

That destiny is not only individual, it is also corporate. God's plan for our lives comes together with a group of people with whom we serve. That corporate destiny is referred to as our "inheritance in the saints."

Acts 20:32 – inheritance among all those who are sanctified

Ephesians 1:18 – the glory of the inheritance in the saints

Colossians 1:12 – partakers of the inheritance of the saints

Recently in a prayer time with our team, I received a spiritual picture in my heart of what seemed to be an angel giving a white envelope to each person in the room. On the envelope were written the words, Your Destiny. Each person opened the envelope to find inside a little colored cardboard piece of a jigsaw puzzle.

Everyone seemed somewhat confused and disappointed. As everyone held his or her piece, we began to realize that the only way we could understand the significance of our destinies was to put the pieces together with the other people. When the picture would be joined, then our destinies would become apparent.

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