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Was Matthew 23 A Mistake?
©February 20, 2011 by Asher Intrater

In Matthew 23:37-39, Yeshua stated that Jerusalem would be destroyed because of the sin of our people. However, He went on to say that He would not return unless the Jews in Jerusalem received Him in faith and invited Him back as King Messiah with shouts of "Blessed be He who comes in the name of the Lord!" This prophecy is a central theme of prayer for all Messianic Jews in Israel.

Sometimes it seems that this was a strategic error on Yeshua's part. You or I would probably not have taken such a risk. The implications of this statement are enormous.  For one thing, it includes a prophecy that the Jews would one day return to Israel and that Jerusalem would be restored (see as well Luke 21:24). How else could we be here to invite Him? It also requires a sweep of evangelism across the country, immediately before He returns.

Yeshua's statement is also a total rebuttal and refuting of "replacement" theology. How can Israel or the Jews be replaced if we have to be here to welcome Yeshua back? Yeshua makes a commitment here that the Jews are an essential part of His Second Coming as well as the First.

God made a covenant with Abraham, that through His seed the Messiah would come (Genesis 22:18). This covenant continued through Judah (Genesis 49:10), and then through David (II Samuel 7:12-13). Therefore, Satan was opposed to the people of Israel throughout history, in an effort to stop the birth of the Messiah. When Herod heard that Yeshua was born, a satanic spirit worked through him to murder all the male babies in Bethlehem (Matthew 2:16). The people of Israel did not and do not understand why all these demonic attacks come against them.

If Satan was opposed to the birth of the Messiah, how much more will he be opposed to Yeshua's coming in glory? At the Second Coming, Satan will be driven off planet earth (Revelation 20:2).  The devil is angry because he knows he is losing and that his time is running out (Revelation 12:12). The number one focus of Satan's activities on earth is to prevent the Second Coming and, therefore, to stop Matthew 23:39 from coming to pass. This is a key issue in understanding world-wide spiritual warfare.

The underlying demonic purpose behind the Holocaust was to prevent Matthew 23:39.  As we come closer to the Second Coming, an even greater Holocaust will take place (Zechariah 13:8; Revelation 9:15). The times will be so difficult, that all flesh would perish; yet for the sake of the elect, the time will be shortened (Matthew 24:22). And still our people will be perplexed.

Why does the U. N. vote so many sanctions against Israel? Why does Islam want to kill all Jews? Why do the religious leaders in Israel fight against faith in Yeshua? All these are demonic efforts to keep Matthew 23:39 from coming to pass.

In addition, Israel will only come to faith in Yeshua as the Church reaches her fullness (Romans 11:25-26). Therefore, both "replacement" theology (which says there is no continuing role for Israel as the chosen people) and "pre-tribulation rapture" theology (which says the Church will not be here, thus preventing her from praying for Israel's salvation) are deceptions which serve as a demonic attack against the Second Coming. Unfortunately, much of the Church is as blind about this as Israel is.

One of the primary purposes for the Jews to be the chosen people was to bring the Messiah into the world. Miriam's (Mary's) giving birth to Yeshua was an historic fulfillment of Israel's destiny. It might have been possible to see Israel's destiny as finished at that moment, since it was fulfilled in Messiah's birth.

However, whether it was a strategic mistake or not, Yeshua decided to extend Israel's role as the chosen people into the future, by making their faith a requirement for the Second Coming. Matthew 23:39 is a startling decision to make the Jews' role as the chosen people connected not only to the Messiah's birth, but also to His coronation. (After all, how is Yeshua going to fulfill His own destiny as "King of the Jews," if there aren't any Jews for Him to be King over?)

Matthew 23:39 was not a mistake! It is a demonstration of God's faithfulness to His covenants, even in the light of our unfaithfulness. It is also a demonstration of His omnipotence.  Even if the whole world seems to be against Him, He is able to bring His will to pass. It is a demonstration of His sovereignty. He chooses how, when, where, and through whom He will do it.

Brief Prayer Requests:

  1. United States – stood with Israel this week by vetoing another condemnation of Israel in the UN in a resolution backed by the Palestinian Authority.
  2. Israel TV – the program on Messianic Judaism is still in the editing process and is scheduled to go on air in 10 days. Pray for positive coverage and response.
  3. Far East – for much fruit to be born through our team's ministry in Korea this week, for Korea-Israel Bible Institute, for Esther Prayer House, for the many pastors and leaders touched there. For outreach into Japan, Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Pakistan, and Indonesia. May the gospel reach the ends of the earth (Matthew 24:14; Acts 1:8).
  4. Yad Hashmonah – is the Messianic kibbutz (moshav) that we partner with here in Israel. They have a variety of projects for marketplace, housing, tourism, community, etc that are key for the growth of the Body in Israel. They likewise suffer from a variety of demonic attacks on their works.
  5. Local Israeli Evangelism – is still our heart’s number one desire. This is the prayer for Israel (Romans 10:1). Pray for the many conversations and sharing to bear fruit in schools, businesses, army, neighborhoods, media, etc.

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