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Revive Israel Ministries

Esther Fast

©March 13 2011

by Holly Wallace

The response to our request for participation in the Esther Fast from March 16-19 has been tremendous.  We are expecting a breakthrough for the Kingdom of God! (Similar to Esther 1:1, we have about 127 nations involved in this prayer initiative.)
You are welcome to participate at whatever level is appropriate for you, whether for 24 hours, starting sundown Wednesday, March 16th to sundown Thursday, March 17th,or for a full three days.  
The book of Esther recounts true historical events that took place in the fifth century before Yeshua (Jesus). It also serves as a parable containing prophecies about the end times.  As Esther interceded for the salvation of the Jewish people in her day, so is the international Church taking up her role as intercessor in the end times.

  1. Public Scripture Reading – read out loud, as a devotional declaration and a prophetic proclamation, these three passages:
    1. Esther chapters 3 and 4
    2. Zechariah 12:2-3, 6-10; 13:1, 8-9; 14:1-9
    3. Romans 9:1-5; 10:1-2; 11:1-29
  1. Fasting – at least the 24 hours from sundown to sundown on just water (with exceptions of course for those with special needs). For those who have the desire and the ability, we invite you to fast a full three days, according to Esther 4:16.
  1. Prayer – to intercede according to the themes of the book of Esther, and to emphasize at least these 7 major prayer directives:
    1. Salvation for the Muslim peoples
    2. Salvation for the Jewish people
    3. Reconciliation between Jew and Arab through Yeshua
    4. Bind spirits of anti-Semitism worldwide
    5. Strengthen the local Messianic remnant in Israel
    6. Guidance for government leaders in Israel and the nations
    7. Prepare the Church to stand victorious in the events of the end times leading up to the Second Coming

Jim Maher

By Rose

[Jim Maher was leader of the Israel Mandate at IHOP, Kansas City. He was also responsible for IHOP's involvement in this Esther fast. This week he was tragically killed in a motorcycle accident leaving behind his precious wife, son and daughter.]

Jim was a man with a daddy's heart, who loved his family and friends so well. Watching Jim and Elizabeth interact was like watching two school kids when they are first in love.  Jim pastored many hearts and led us into sweet worship and passionate intercession.   Because of the love that burned within him, he spent his strength building relationships with God, his natural and spiritual family and people from Israel.  His presence on Earth will be dearly missed by all who had the privilege of knowing this beloved, great man.   

Japan after Earthquake/Tsunami

By Ariel Blumenthal

[Ariel served in Japan for the last 4 years, and is in contact with our ministry partners close to the center of the destruction.]

Our hearts stand in sympathy with the people of Japan during this catastrophe.  Yeshua told us of the earthquakes and similar tragedies that would take place in the Last Days (Mt 24:7).  Indonesia, Haiti, China, New Zealand, and now Japan—the nation that is most prepared for such events.  Yet, we saw how awesome is the power of nature under the mighty hand of God, and how small and helpless we are in the face of such forces.  We also see the God-given character of the Japanese people of self-control, service, dedication, and order. 

  1. Pray for the Body of Messiah in Japan to unite to bring aid, comfort, and the Gospel to millions of Japanese; that just as the entire main island of Japan was moved 2.4 meters, that we would see a great shift and long awaited breakthrough for the Gospel in that nation. 
  2. Pray for our friends and partners at the Taira Christian Church in Iwaki, Fukushima Prefecture.  They are in an area of tremendous damage, and close by to the nuclear reactors that are in danger.   We just got mail from them (over cell phones) that food, water, and gasoline are running out, and they don’t know how these necessities will get to them. Pray for the leaders, Pastor Mori and brother Ikarashi and their families.

Arad Demonstration

[Eye witness account of the anti-Messianic demonstration in the southern city of Arad this week]

There were about 250 ultra-Orthodox demonstrators yesterday in front of Polly S's house. The demonstration lasted about 2.5 hours. In the garden of one of the neighbors, son to Holocaust survivors, there was a demonstration of about 30-50 people, who came to say they did not like what the ultra-Orthodox are doing. They had signs in our favor.

 The demonstration was not aggressive as we thought it would be, but it was very loud: 250 men singing "Am Israel Chai." Rabbis giving speeches, shouts and yells of "amen" to what the Rabbis were shouting, while the Rabbis give a religious zeal to their speeches by shouting "God reigned, reigns and will reign forever and ever," while the things they said had no connection to the Lord or His character.

At one point, there was a presentation on a screen, done by an "anti-missionary" group, featuring faces and names of about 20 believers in Arad. The message was that we are the enemies of the Jewish people. A person we know, a former yeshiva student who later became a believer, said that while he was in the Yeshiva, the anti-missionary group came in and showed a film about Messianic Jews, at the end of which the yeshiva guys wanted to kill us.

One of the counter-protesters was the principal of the first high school in Arad. He came out with a big flag of Israel and shouted in anger at the ultra-Orthodox that were there, which of course got the immediate attention of the reporters there, who rushed to him with their cameras. The entire demonstration was covered by the Israeli TV.

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