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Netanyahu and Obama
©May 22, 2011 Revive Israel Ministries

By Mati Shoshani and Asher Intrater

Prime Minister Netanyahu arrived in Washington D.C. on Friday for a week long official visit. President Obama met with Netanyahu for an hour and a half, one-on-one meeting. The meeting was described as tense, the discomfort between the two leaders apparent by their body language and statements to the press.

In Netanyahu's speech on Monday, he indicated Israel's partial acceptance of a future agreement based on the 1948 border, with several reservations concerning defensible borders - including the control of the Jordan Valley, and the creation of  Jewish settlement clusters within the proposed Palestinian state.

President Obama stated simply in his speech on Thursday that the 1967 borders should be the borders of the future Palestinian state.

Obama's speech was perceived by the international community as aggressive, both in its demands of Israel, and the Palestinians. This represents what many see as a change in American foreign policy, indicating a lean towards "tough diplomacy." Both Netanyahu and Obama are expecting elections in 2012, and both are trying to prepare for the possible unilateral Palestinian declaration of independence in September.

Interestingly, the concept of a Palestinian State along the borders of "The Green Line" has been accepted by previous Israeli governments, once by PM Ehud Barak at Camp David in 2000, and again when PM Ariel Sharon accepted the guidelines set by US President George W. Bush in the 2003 "Road Map." Those plans were rejected by the Palestinian leadership. Both clearly stated that the majority of the West Bank (more than 95%) would be given to the Palestinians, and the excess would be given in a land exchange.

Obama's speech on the Middle East was eloquent, attractive and idealistic. The ideal of a peace plan based on 1967 borders with exchange of territories and disarmament in the Palestinian territories is appealing to most Israelis. The big problem, however, has to do with three "little" problems that Obama mentioned in his speech: Hamas, Jerusalem, and the refugees.

Hamas is not alone, but rather part of international jihad groups including Islamic brotherhood, Al-Wahabi, Al Qaida, Taliban, Hizballah, Iranian Ayatollas, etc. This is not a small recalcitrant group, but a murderous fanaticism that touches hundreds of millions of people within close proximity to Israel's borders.

Jerusalem is not just a city like Berlin that can be re-united. The issue is the few square kilometers around the Temple Mount, an area sacred to Christians, Jews and Muslims. The clash of religious beliefs is central to the conflict, and cannot be avoided.

The refugees remaining from 1948 are small in number. However, the number of their descendants and relatives is much greater. What is greater yet is the demography of 100's of millions of Arabs and Muslims surrounding the 6 million Jews in the tiny Jewish nation. That demography is an enormous problem that threatens the very existence of the State of Israel.

Video on 1967 Borders

World media and politicians are calling for a return to Israel's 1967 border. Watch this simple video graphically describe the dangers involved:

Glenn Beck on Fox News

Watch Glenn Beck's appeal for moral courage and a stand with Israel, quoting the book of Ruth and Dietrich Bonheoffer.

Pentecost Prayer

We continue our preparations for the all night prayer vigil (10 PM to 10 AM) on June 7-8. We believe that God has promised a mighty outpouring of the Holy Spirit in the end times, which will usher in the last great wave of evangelism and lead up to the second coming of Yeshua (Jesus). Acts 2:17 – 20 – "In the end times I will pour out my spirit on all flesh… before the coming of the great and terrible day of the Lord... and all who call upon the name of the Lord will be saved."

When the Holy Spirit was poured out on Pentecost (Shavuot) morning 2,000 years ago, it is clear that the disciples prayed all night in expectant faith. In order for a world-wide Pentecost, we believe that there should be world-wide prayer, on the same night, led by the Messianic Jewish remnant in Israel. So please plan to join together with us, in whatever nation you live and whatever language you speak. We will send a fuller explanation and guideline for the prayer watches.

Walid and Mossab

Unfortunately there has been a publicized disagreement between two dear Christian Arab brothers, Walid Shoebat and Mossab Yousef, in which Walid accused Mossab of being a fraud. One of the evidences in Walid's charge was an interview that Mossab made on Al-Hayat Television. Al-Hayat is likely the most fruitful ministry in the world for evangelism to Muslims.

The leaders of Al-Hayat are close friends, brothers, and partners to me and our team. I spoke with them about Mossab. They assured me that Mossab is a committed Christian and indeed served with the Israeli security forces. Mossab never claimed to be pro-Israel. (Walid's faith, on the other hand, includes a strong pro-Israel stance.)  Mossab believes that the love of Christ calls him to stop murder and hatred wherever it exists, and therefore he worked with Israeli security to thwart terrorism. Mossab's testimony has had a strong impact on Muslims around the Middle East.  Let's pray for a godly reconciliation between these brothers.

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