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©July 24, 2011 Revive Israel Ministries

Asher and Betty in Europe, July 23-Aug 3

Please pray for Asher and Betty Intrater as they minister in Poland and the Czech Republic, with some dear friends of ours there.  In addition, they will be taking some time for rest and relaxation as they celebrate their 30th Wedding Anniversary!!

Young Israeli Adult’s Outreach to Italy

by SI

In the past year at our young adults’ meetings Tzuryah, YAH is my rock, we have functioned as a team to mature spiritually and practice ministry. This recent season included sessions with leaders, as well as workshops to identify our different gifts and enhance them. Our vision of discipleship is connected to evangelism internationally, to the Nations! We prayed and felt led to do an outreach in Italy.  We are preparing to embark as a team of 7, for 10 days, to 3 spots in Italy where we will intercede with local believers and roam the streets to share and pray with whomever we come across. Pray for us as we raise support and prepare spiritually for this work.

Outreach to Israeli Travelers in India

Haim, a father of 4 in his mid-thirties, and a member of Ahavat Yeshua, was able to leave Israel for the first time since he emigrated here from the former Soviet Union at age 11.  With support from Revive Israel, he was able to join the Reach Initiative Int’l team for an outreach to Israeli travelers in northern India.  He writes,

“Our daily routine consisted of morning devotion, worship, intercession, Bible study, and a review of the previous day's outreach.  Afterwards we divided into groups of 2 or 3 and headed out to the different restaurants, cafes, etc where the Israeli travelers gather.  We explained that we are a group of Messianic Jews who are traveling together, praying and seeking God, and enjoying meeting new people and sharing our faith with those that desire to listen.  It was very easy to talk about spiritual topics, as they were curious about what we were seeking there -- if not the drugs, wild parties, and sexual indulgence.  People were very warm and open and enjoyed hearing the personal testimonies of all the group members.  One Israeli young man, “T,” and 3 local Indians gave their lives to the Lord: please pray with me as I continue to maintain contact with and disciple these people over the internet.  Overall, this was an amazing experience for me—returning to my “first love” of Yeshua and renewing a passion for outreach.  Thank you!

Jesus March, Tokyo, July 16

by Ariel Blumenthal

Our partner and friend Ikapi helped to gather close to 1000 Japanese and international believers for a “Jesus March” in downtown Tokyo.  In the sweltering heat, people gathered for 2.5 hours of praise, worship, and prayer followed by a 1.5 hour walk on a route from Meiji to Yoyogi Parks.  There were leaders and representatives from over 10 nations present – and RI friends David (Olive Tree Ranch) and Avishalom (Tents of Mercy) were there, interceding and praying the Priestly Blessing (Numbers 6:22-26) over the gathering.  There was a great spirit of unity and joy – and some relief from the heat, courtesy of an unseasonal breeze amidst the concrete “jungle” of Tokyo!  Please continue to pray for Ikapi’s work at the Global Mission Center in Iwaki, Fukushima.  Every day, almost 100 people visit their relief center, and many are coming to faith. 

A Son is Born, A Covenant Made!

by Jonathan M.

The infant’s name is Rafael.  The covenant was that of a circumcision which took place on Thursday, July 21st.  It was a solemn declaration of commitment by a family and a community of Jerusalem-based believers to God.  It is a commitment made by 4,000 years of Jews that have said, “We will be Your people and You will be our God.”

The event was even more meaningful for the participants because the boy being circumcised was Dan Juster’s 7th grandchild, and the ceremony was led Asher Intrater.  It was a moment of deep significance, to see the physical fruit of the 30-plus years of covenantal relationship between Asher and Dan—the circumcision of a third generation Messianic Jew!

In the community of Jewish believers we find special meaning in circumcision.  For us it evokes the reality of the ultimate Son of Covenant, Yeshua.  He, who as a Jew was also circumcised on the eighth day; who died underneath a sign reading “King of the Jews”; and who will one day rule over all the earth from here in Jerusalem…where my son was just circumcised!

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