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Three Generational God
©August 28, 2011 Revive Israel Ministries


God has many names. Among them is His name as the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  Exodus 3:6 – I am the God of … Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob.

This "name" has several different layers of meaning. First, God is committed to personal relationships with human beings. He identifies and forms partnership with those who are willing to walk with Him.

Second, God also has an inherent faithfulness to the people of Israel, the sons of Jacob. Despite replacement theology, there will be no kingdom without God's faithfulness to the Jewish people.

Third, God works through several generations, particularly through three generations. Actually, of course, He is committed to thousands of generations (Exodus 20:5-6, 34:6-7). His faithfulness is eternal. Yet there is a special dynamic when three or more generations are faithful to His covenant.

The attached picture is a miracle. You see four fathers and babies (Lev, Intrater, Moore [Juster], Shoshani). All are Messianic believers. All the fathers are second generation. All the babies are third generation. They are a prophetic sign (Isaiah 8:18).

There are many others like them. I believe this third-fourth generation of Messianic believers in Israel will release the power of God's ancient covenant, which will usher in the Second Coming of Yeshua and the restoration of the kingdom of God.

Something Queer

By Michael Brown

Dr. Brown's new book, Something Queer Has Happened to America, detailing the Homosexual agenda and a logical response to it has just been released. Here are a few excerpts:

  1. The legitimizing of homosexuality as normal alternative to heterosexuality requires that all opposition to homosexual behavior be delegitimized.
  2. Whereas homosexuality was once considered a pathological disorder, from here on those who do not affirm homosexuality will be deemed homophobic.
  3. Whereas gay sexual behavior was once considered morally wrong, from here on public criticism of that behavior will be considered morally wrong.
  4. First gay activists came out of the closet; second they demanded their "rights"; third they demanded that everyone recognize those "rights"; fourth, they want to strip away the rights of those who oppose them; fifth, they want to put those who oppose their "rights" into the closet.
  5. From here on, embracing diversity refers to embracing all kinds of homosexual expression, but rejects every kind of religious or moral conviction that does not embrace those orientations.
  6. From here on, hate refers to any attitude that differs with the gay agenda, while gays are virtually exempt from the charge of hate speech, since they are always the perceived victims and never the victimizers.

Dr. Brown's book is comprehensive and well-documented. For more information, click

More Posters

This week another distribution of anti-Messianic posters appeared across the town of Mevasseret, featuring 9 pictures of local Messianic Jews (four of which are from Revive Israel). It is sad that some ultra-orthodox Jews are going to such low level tactics in order to defame us. However, our sense is that primarily these efforts are backfiring, and actually helping us, by inadvertently publicizing our faith. God works in ways above our comprehension.

Media Slur on Israel

After the attacks against Israel last week by terrorists who traveled from Gaza through Sinai, many of the international media reports of the events accused Israel of aggression (?!). The origin of the attacks and their expressed goal of killing innocent citizens seemed to be overlooked. The response of Israel destroying the terrorists, their headquarters and their leaders was then depicted as another example of Israel's thwarting peace efforts.

Love of Truth

by Asher Intrater

The above three examples – homosexual agenda, persecution of Messianic Jews, media defamation of Israel – are key areas of lies and slander. The truth is twisted; lies are portrayed as truth. Good is portrayed as evil (Isaiah 5). There will be a massive assault on the truth in the end times.

Isaiah 59:14 – Truth has fallen in the street.

Daniel 8:12 – It cast truth down to the ground.

Truth has its origin in a person, Yeshua (Jesus) Himself (John 14:6). Knowing this truth can make a person spiritually and morally free (John 8:32). In order to find truth, one must have a desire and love of the truth above selfish ambitions (II Thessalonians 2:10).  We as the Church, the Ecclesia, are called to be a community of faith within the world that protects and proclaims the values of truth and morality (I Timothy 3:15). May God help us to be strong and continue to declare the truths of His word, while loving people around us at all times (Ephesians 4:15).