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Israel Religion Poll

This week a poll was published by the Gutman Center, taken from research in 2009 by Professor Asher Arian, from a cross section of 2,803 Israelis. The poll indicates a general trend of 6% toward more traditional Jewish religious values over the past 10 years. Part of that trend is simply the higher birth rates of the orthodox community, and a decrease of Russian immigration. Here are some of the statistics:

3% - secular anti-religious
43% - secular
32% - traditional
15% - orthodox religious
7% - ultra-orthodox religious

This can be grouped into three general categories: 46% secular, 32% traditional, 22% religious. The tension between these groups maintains Israeli society in a status quo.

77% - a Higher Power directs the world
72% - prayer can improve a person's situation
67% - Jews are the "chosen people"
80% - reward for good deeds
74% - punishment for evil deeds
56% - life after death
51% - coming of the messiah (not referring to Jesus)
13% - receive counsel from rabbis
24% - visit graves of past rabbis

94% - circumcision
92% - sitting shiva, (mourning custom after death of loved one)
91% - bar mitzvah
90% - reciting "kaddish" prayer after death of parent
80% for being married by a Rabbi
57% for allowing civil marriages (not currently permitted)

84% spend time with family
69% arrange special meal
66% light candles
60% say "Kiddush" blessing on wine
16% do shopping
11% work
The above percentages indicate high Sabbath observance. Yet there are also high percentages of those who want more freedom for recreational activities:
68% for opening coffee houses and restaurants
64% for allowing sports competitions
59% for allowing public transportation
58% for opening shopping centers

85% for Jewish festivals
82% light candles on Hanukah
68% fast on Yom Kippur
67% eat matsoh during Passover
36% read the scroll of Esther on Purim
20% read Shavuot night "tikkun" prayers

76% eat kosher food in home
70% eat kosher outside the home as well
72% never eat pork products
63% do not mix milk and meat products

State and Religion
70% want Israel to be a Jewish State
65% want Jewish religion in Israel
44% would obey government law if contradicts rabbinic law
20% would obey rabbinic law if it contradicts government law
36% are unsure
40% willing to accept as Jew whose father is Jewish and mother not
33% willing to accept as Jew anyone who wants to be a Jew

For a fuller news report, click here.

Esther Fast

Another reminder for "Ta'anit Esther": Together with other local Israeli congregations and prayer houses, we are asking you to join us for a 12 hour prayer and fasting meeting from 6 AM to 6 PM on Wednesday, March 7. With the current tensions between Iran and Israel, this intercessory event will be quite strategic, even historic. We will send a prayer topic outline and details in the following weeks.

Umar Mulinde

By Avraham Ben Hod

Umar Mulinde (38), father of three children (14, 6, 3), is pastor of Gospel Life Church in Kampala, Uganda. Umar was raised Muslim and received training to be an Imam. Through supernatural revelation, he came to faith in Yeshua (Jesus). He began to preach the gospel, and his church is growing and prospering.

He later began to study about Israel, and realized that Islam had lied to him, and that there was a plan for Israel in the Bible. This year he sponsored a conference with 5,000 pastors in the Kampala stadium, speaking about Israel. He also organized a petition in Uganda of 360,000 which successfully stopped the establishment of Islamic courts in Uganda. The Muslims issued a Fatwa (death sentence) against him.

On December 24th, at the church's Christmas Eve celebration, 300 people received Yeshua as Lord, including many Muslims. After the service, Umar walked alone toward his car. Someone from behind called to him. He sensed in the Holy Spirit not to turn around. He reached his car and opened the door. He was attacked by 4 Muslims who poured a bucket of concentrated acid on him.

Part of the acid hit the car door, but much of it fell on Umar. His clothes went up in smoke. Church members rushed him to the hospital. Half of his head and face, one arm and his upper chest were totally burned by the acid, including loss of sight in one eye. The doctors told him he needed international medical help. They had difficulty finding a visa. The Israeli government heard about the situation; the Prime Minister's office intervened and arranged for him to be flown to Israel and treated at Sheba hospital in Tel Hashomer.

He has gone through numerous skin grafting operations. Two local Messianic Jewish congregations are helping to take care of his family needs. What a sign of the times: a Black African becomes a Christian, is attacked by Muslims, flown to Israel for medical treatment, and being cared for by local Messianic Jews.

If Yeshua, Then…

By Asher Intrater

Logical philosophy is based upon "If-Then" propositions. Natural science is based on "Cause and Effect" experiments. Spiritual principles work on a similar pattern. If our faith is concentrated on the person of Yeshua, then certain effects will take place.

If we look to Him, we can walk on water (Matthew 14:28-31).
If we glorify Him, the Holy Spirit will be poured out (John 7:39).
If we lift Him up, all men will be drawn (John 12:32).
If we proclaim His name, miraculous signs will occur (Acts 4:29-30).
If we are united with Him in His death, we will live with Him (Romans 6:5).
If we suffer with Him, we will be glorified with Him (Romans 8:17-18).
If we submit to Him, we will receive authority with Him (Philippians 2:5-11).

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