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Double Slap

On the way to the cross, Yeshua was slapped on the face twice: Once by the servants of the High Priest and once by the soldiers of Pilate.

John 18:22 – One of the servants standing there struck Yeshua with the palm of his hand, saying, "Do you answer the high priest like that?"
John 19:2-3 – The soldiers… said, "Hail, King of the Jews!" and struck Him with their hands.

This fulfilled prophecies that the Messiah would be rejected and would give "my back to those who strike and my cheeks to those who pluck the beard" (Isaiah 50:6); and that they will "strike the judge of Israel with a rod on the cheek” (Micah 5:1). See also Jeremiah 20:2 as a prophetic foreshadow.

The High Priest represents the religious authority of the Jews. Pilate represents the secular authority of the Gentiles. Both of these worldly authorities rejected the spiritual authority of God when they rejected the Messiah. The Messiah is King of Kings and therefore above the authority of worldly governments. He is the High Priest of Heaven and therefore above the authority of religious leaders.

On the cross, Yeshua absorbed the hatred and rebellion coming upward towards heaven from mankind. Likewise, He absorbed the righteous wrath of God coming down from heaven toward men. Thus He gave protection and forgiveness to mankind.

Because He absorbed the rejection from the authority of both the Jews and the Gentiles, and also forgave them, He enabled the possibility for the inherent authority in those two groups to continue. It is continued in those who repent and turn to Him. By receiving the slaps on the cheek (and the whole crucifixion) from the hands of both Jews and Gentiles, Yeshua created in that moment the opportunity for both the remnant of Israel and the international Church to arise.

Among all nations there are those who do not reject His authority, but submit to it. Within Israel that is also true. The authority that was originally invested in Israel and the nations is transferred spiritually to those who submit to Him. And in the world to come, those righteous remnants will rule in the Messiah's government.

By the "double slap," Yeshua also allowed for the reconciliation between Israel and the Church. If He forgave the soldiers of Pilate and the servants of the Priest, how can we not forgive one another? In the cross, forgiveness and reconciliation and authority are granted up and down, left and right.

Whoever slaps you on the right cheek, turn the other to him also – Matthew 5:39.

Yad Hashmonah Lawsuit

Yad Hashmonah is the only Messianic Jewish settlement (moshav) in the world. Its witness is one of the most significant to the nation of Israel.  Last year two lesbians requested to arrange a wedding reception at their facilities. When the moshav explained that this was against their principles of faith, the lesbians sued them for sexual "harassment"(!?). This week the sentence was handed down against Yad Hashmonah with a fine of 75,000 shekels.

The moshav office is being flooded with antagonistic correspondence. The lesbians have received positive media coverage for "the victory of their enlightened sexual preferences over the primitive views of the Messianic cult."

The problem with the fine is that others in the homo-lesbian community will seek to hold events, with threats of more law suits. Moshav representatives told the court that with such a sentence they may have to shut down all of their hotel-conference-restaurant facilities. The judge said, "better that you shut down everything than continue to discriminate" (against sexual preferences).

Such an attack could not have happened to an orthodox Jewish institution in Israel, because the religious establishment would rise in protest. But the Messianic community is left undefended, stranded between secular and religious clashes.

However, God is with us, and what was meant for evil can be turned to good (Genesis 50:20, Romans 8:28), and result in a testimony to the authorities (Mark 13:11, Luke 21:13, Philippians 1:12). In the 11-page decision the judge noted that Messianic Jews believe in the Tanakh and the New Covenant, that they do not rent their hotel rooms to unwedded couples, and that they see homosexuality as against the ways of God and of natural creation.

The judge ruled that the honor of the lesbians was belittled - thus transgressing the law against sexual discrimination, which in this case means sexual "preference," which in turn represents sexual "harassment."

Pray urgently for wisdom for Yad Hashmonah leadership, for spiritual protection, for financial provision, against legal precedent, against attacks from homo-lesbians, for unity in the Messianic body on the issue, and for a positive witness of biblical values and the good news for salvation.    

Feast of Trumpets

This week is the feast of Trumpets (Yom Teruah, referred to as Rosh Hashanah). The priestly symbol of the trumpets is given in the Torah (Levitcus 23:24). The prophetic meaning of the trumpets is given in the New Covenant (Revelation 11:15). By putting the priestly and the prophetic together a revelatory understanding is released to guide us into end times' battles. The word "teruah" in the Torah has become the root for the modern Hebrew word, meaning sound an alarm, give a warning.

Please pray for:
- the celebration of the feast of Trumpets at our Jerusalem congregation, Ahavat Yeshua, as it meets in its new location
- the new outreach at Netanel House
- the new elections in the United States
- RI team preaching at international conference in Jerusalem this week with Tom Hess
- personal sharing in families across the nation during the Holy Days

YouTube Teaching for September

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