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©November 16, 2012 Revive Israel Ministries

God and Armies

by Asher Intrater

One of the most prominent names and descriptions of God is יהוה צבאות – "YHVH of armies" – Isaiah 6:3. It is difficult in this modern world to understand God in some kind of military role. Here are some biblical perspectives:

  1. God is sovereign over the armies of heaven and earth, and is an expert at the strategies of warfare – Psalm 24:8.
  2. There are armies of angels that are occasionally seen by human beings – II Kings 6:17.
  3. The chief commander of the angelic armies is Yeshua (Jesus) Himself – Joshua 5:13-15.
  4. As commander, Yeshua (or one of the top angel generals) has the power to destroy an entire human army single-handedly – Isaiah 37:36.
  5. The angelic armies may accompany a human army if that army has righteous leadership and is fighting for a righteous cause – II Samuel 5:24.
  6. There is warfare in the spiritual realm between good angels loyal to God and bad angels in satanic rebellion – Revelation 12:7.
  7. Both good and bad angels are ordered in a hierarchy with military-type ranks – Ephesians 6:12.
  8. One important strategy is to pray for the forces of demonic angels to be divided and fight among themselves – Luke 11:17.
  9. Ultimately that spiritual warfare will culminate in a great end times' battle in which Yeshua will descend from heaven leading the angelic armies – Revelation 19:11.
  10. When they descend, they will fight against the armies of an evil world empire on this earth – Revelation 16:14, 16; 19:19.
  11. Those armies will have united together to attack Israel. Yeshua will fight against them and destroy them. His feet will stand on the Mount of Olives – Zechariah 12:3, 9; 14:2-4, 12.
  12. Sometimes extended prayer and fasting is needed to understand these spiritual battles concerning Israel and the end times – Daniel 9:1, 20-22; 10:2, 12-14, 20-21.
  13. However, the angelic armies will start to respond from the very first moment we begin to pray (if we pray according to God's will) – Daniel 9:23; 10:12.

With the recent missile attacks between Israel and Gaza, we are reminded that spiritual warfare is sometimes expressed on the battlefields of this world. That warfare is likely to become increasingly intense as we progress into the end times. May God grant us wisdom for prayer strategies that match His strategies!

His Increasing Government

By Don Finto

"Of the increase of his government... there will be no end"

This is the Word of God, and His Word is always true. The government of God is still advancing across the planet. It is not dependent on political parties, forms of governments, or the dictates of men. The greatest Kingdom advances often occur under some of the most oppressive regimes.

Let's not get caught up in the report of the ten spies. They saw only in the natural. Caleb and Joshua saw through the natural to the supernatural. Their report was interspersed with, "But God!"

Isaiah's prophetic words have been and are being fulfilled:

A child is born, a son has been given!
The government is on his shoulders!
He is Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.
Of the increase of his government and peace there will be no end.
The zeal of the LORD Almighty will accomplish this.

This is our finest hour - an opportunity to out-live, out-love and out-serve, a time to shine brilliantly in the deepening darkness. 

Pillar of Cloud

By Eddie Santoro

We want to thank you for your ongoing prayers for Israel during this difficult period, especially for Messianic soldiers in the IDF. Tragically, yesterday morning in the town of Kyriat Malachi, a grad missile from Gaza struck an apartment building killing three residents and wounding five others.

Every missile that is fired by the terrorists from within Gaza is aimed at civilian populations. To date homes, factories, a school and a shopping center along with many other civilian targets have been hit. This indiscriminate firing on the civilian population differs radically from Israel's surgical strikes aimed at carefully selected military targets only.

The name of this campaign in Hebrew is עמוד ענן which means "Pillar of Cloud", not "Pillar of Defense" as incorrectly translated in much foreign press. This phrase is a reference to Exodus 14:19 which declares: "Then the angel of God, who had been traveling in front of Israel's army, withdrew and went behind them. The pillar of cloud also moved from in front and stood behind them, coming between the armies of Egypt and Israel." Even the very name of this military campaign is a prophetic proclamation of God's faithfulness to Israel.

(Note: By the beginning of the third day of fighting, the statistics reported by IDF press office are:

3 Israeli citizens killed
110 Israelis wounded or treated for shock
300 missiles hitting Israel from Gaza
130 missiles intercepted by "Iron Dome" defense
340 targets in Gaza hit by Israeli air attacks
17 terrorists killed in Gaza.)

New China Government

Excerpt from Compass Direct News

China introduced its new Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the Chinese Communist Party.  By most news accounts, the new Committee members are a conservative lot known more for their party orthodoxy than for reformist tendencies.

As expected, Xi Jinping emerged from the secretive politicking within the underlying Central Committee as the general secretary of the party, the top leadership position. In his introductory remarks, he stressed the need to improve education and income, and to root out government corruption.

The once-a-decade transition is important to China’s 80 million Christians, who have enjoyed greater openness and toleration during the past 20 years, yet still must navigate a complicated relationship with the government.

(Note: Let us continue to pray for peace, justice, and conditions favorable to the Gospel to grow in China.)

Netanel House

Pray for protection and fruit for Rachel during new evangelism outreaches!

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