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Honor and Blessing

By Asher Intrater

There are two mentions of relationships between parents and children in the Ten Commandments. Both involve spiritual transfer from the parents to the children; one is bad and one is good.

Exodus 20:5
… visiting the sins of the parents upon the children.
Exodus 20:12
Honor your father and your mother that your days might be long.

The negative spiritual transfer from parents to children is called a "curse." The positive spiritual transfer is a "blessing." If we find ourselves in a curse situation, we need to repent of our sins, forgive our parents, and break the negative transfer.

A key to successful transition from childhood to adulthood is to perceive which influences from our parents were positive and which were negative. We then reject the negative, thus breaking the curse.   But how can we receive the blessing?

In one word: honor.  To honor is to receive blessing. We could summarize: Respect Authority - Receive Blessing.  As respect flows upward blessings flow downward. The "flow" is both up and down, and can be either good or bad.

The apostle Paul (Saul) expanded on this principle in the book of Ephesians. The blessings are not just "long life," but every other blessing as well. And the authority is not just parental but in every other sphere as well.

Ephesians 6:2
"Honor your father and your mother" is the first commandment with a promise.

Paul explains that the flow of authority is divided into four primary spheres of life: family (Ephesians 5:21-6:4), employment (6:5-6:9), government (Romans 13:1-7), and congregation (I Timothy 3:1-13; 5:17; Hebrews 13:17).

May God grant us the grace and wisdom to discern when we should remove ourselves from abusive authority so as not to be hurt; when we should reject negative influences so as to break curses; and when we should respect authority so as to receive blessing!

All blessings from honoring authority on earth are imperfect and partial. However we can also receive blessings directly from heaven by honoring God through praise and worship.

Revelation 7:12 Blessing and glory and wisdom, thanksgiving, and honor and power and might be to our God forever!

As we give Him honor upward, He pours out blessings downward upon us, gloriously, powerfully, and eternally. Halleluyah!

The Lord Whose Sword is Drawn

Excerpt from Francis Frangipane

The name "Jesus," is the Greek form of "Yeshua," which is the same in Hebrew as "Joshua," the general who led God's people into war. We need a greater revelation of Jesus Christ, to see Him as He will be revealed in these last days: a Holy Warrior, dressed for battle.

When Joshua was by Jericho, he lifted up his eyes and behold, a man was standing opposite him with his sword drawn in his hand, and Joshua went and said to him, "Are you for us or for our adversaries?" - Josh. 5:13.

This new unveiling of the Son of God is, in fact, fitting you for battle. By the time you are fully trained, you will be a fearless warrior in His army. Yet we must be realistic about our current state: most of us have been pampered and undisciplined.
This frightening Warrior King, with His sword drawn, with the shout of war upon His lips, is the same blessed Savior who died on the cross for our sins. Yet, we cannot soften the shock of this great unveiling of Christ.

Joshua had already known the Lord in a wonderful, intimate way in the wilderness tabernacle (Ex. 33:11). But here standing before him was a new revelation of the Lord. The Son of God Himself had come as Captain of the Host to lead His people into war.

Ultimately, these refugees from Egypt and their wilderness children would defeat many nations stronger and more numerous than themselves (Deut. 9:1). They would do the impossible through the power of the Lord. Their time in the wilderness had conditioned them for war.

Likewise, our own "wilderness" has been a season of preparation and of obedience.  Before Jesus returns, those who have passed the wilderness tests will receive another revelation: Christ as Captain of the Host. They will be ready to follow the Lamb wherever He goes.

Joshua fell on his face to the earth, and worshiped, and said, "What does my Lord say to His servant?" The captain of the Lord's host said to Joshua, "Remove your sandals from your feet, for the place where you stand is holy." - Josh. 5:14-15.

This new unveiling of the Lord is holy. We are beginning to perceive the Lord as He truly is and as He will be released in the last days. He is the Lord of Hosts. (For full message, click here)

Esther Fast

This coming Thursday, February 21, is "Ta'anit Ester" (Esther fast). In Israel, several congregations and prayer houses will be joining together to fast and intercede for Israel, the Church and the Nations, according to the themes in the book of Esther. We invite you to join us on that day for 12 continuous hours (6:00 AM to 6:00 PM Israeli time) of prayer, praise, and prophecy.

List of prayer topics and praise watches are available at The Fast of Esther 2013.

Click here to join us live in the prayer room.

Revival in End Times

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