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©February 20, 2013 Revive Israel Ministries

Could It Happen Again?

By Asher Intrater

In preparing for the Esther Fast, this question arose in my heart: "Could it happen again?" Could similar events as in the book of Esther happen again?

  1. An international federation of 127 nations
  2. An evil man gaining influence by lies and deception
  3. A law passed to kill all the Jews in the world (and by inference, all Christians who support Israel)
  4. Iran (Persia) playing a key role in the plan to annihilate the Jews
  5. (Seeing Esther as a figure of the Church): The worldwide Church enjoying a royal, bridal-type intimacy, grace and beauty in worship
  6. The Church challenged to recognize her own Jewish roots
  7. The Church interceding and fasting for the salvation of the Jewish people
  8. At the very last moment of seeming total disaster, there is a sudden and supernatural turn around.
  9. The people of God fight with authority and gain the victory
  10. The kingdom is transferred into the hands of godly people, resulting in joy for all nations

Well, it could happen again, couldn't it?  Let's pray!