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©March 22, 2013


Ten years ago Titi Ayenehu was playing in the mud in Ethiopia, wearing ragged clothes, a sickly, poverty-stricken child, orphaned of her father. With her mother, she immigrated to Israel. She struggled through learning the new culture and language, overcoming untold obstacles, including the color of her skin.

One month ago she was crowned as the 2013 Miss Israel beauty queen. Last night she put on her crown, a formal gown, and met with Presidents Obama and Peres. She thanked them both for having been inspiring figures to her. The name Titi is short for Yitayish, meaning "look to the future" in Amharic. 


US President Obama was received this week in Jerusalem with unprecedented honor, perhaps more than any other human being in history, including Yeshua Himself (John 12:12). Obama's visit was highlighted by personal reconciliation with Netanyahu, the two of them hugging and smiling together repeatedly before the cameras.

Obama demonstrated his uncanny charm and charisma, winning the hearts of the Israeli people. He also made unprecedented statements of commitment to Israel's security and of the bond between Israel and America. On the other hand, most Israelis are concerned that his proclaiming such high expectations for an imminent peace agreement does not take into account the depth of commitment by radical Islam to Israel's total destruction.


This week in Khaleb, Syria, 26 people were killed and 110 wounded by what may have been a chemical missile attack. The rebels accused the army, and the army accused the rebels, with no verification to date.

The chemical used may be "sarin," 500 times deadlier than cyanide. Sarin causes the nervous system to cease functioning, killing victims in one minute by asphyxiation. Pray that chemical weapons would not fall into the hands of terrorists.

Blood of the Lamb

By Asher Intrater, part one

Passover is time for us to remember the blood of the Lamb. The Torah is filled with pictures of blood. From the first animal killed for Adam and Eve's cloak, righteous Abel, Abraham's circumcision, Joseph's coat, Sinai covenant, Temple sacrifices, Day of Atonement, etc.

All these graphic pictures were designed to engrave on the collective consciousness and imagination of the people of Israel the importance of the blood atonement. Blood is mentioned almost 300 times in the Tanakh (OT) and 100 times in the New Covenant. At the crucifixion of Yeshua, we see the fulfillment of these symbols.

John 19:34
One of the soldiers pierced His side with a spear, and blood and water came out.

The water and the blood were both physical; yet the water also represents Yeshua's spirit, and the blood His soul. In biblical terms, the soul is inside the blood.

Leviticus 17:11
The soul of the flesh is in the blood, and I have given it to you on the altar to atone for your souls for it is by the soul that the blood atones.

Most translations of this verse are incorrect. Read it again. It is because of the soul that the blood makes atonement. The rule of atonement is "equal replacement" or "substitution." His (pure) soul is given in place of our (sinful) soul. The soul inside the blood makes atonement for our souls. Soul replaces soul.

Exodus 21:23-25
Soul for soul; eye for eye; tooth for tooth; hand for hand… wound for wound.

The word here for wound is the same as wound or stripe [without dagesh] in Isaiah 53:5 – By His wound we are healed. His wound replaces our wound, and we are healed. His soul replaces our soul and we are atoned. The blood is the carrier of the soul. When we say that the blood makes atonement, we mean the soul.

The soldiers that stood by Yeshua's cross may have had some blood spattered on them, but if they did not understand and believe in the spiritual meaning, the physical blood would not have affected their salvation. Yeshua not only "bled" on the cross, He also poured out His soul.

Isaiah 53:12
He poured out His soul unto death.

As Yeshua was bleeding, His soul was being emptied from His body.  His soul makes atonement for our souls. Catholics, Protestants, and Jews drink wine as a symbol of sanctification in almost every ceremony. Wine represents blood which represents the soul. The key element is not the wine or the blood but the soul of Yeshua.

This revelation is personal, painful, emotional, embarrassing, shocking, intimate, nauseating, dizzying, disgusting, challenging and confrontative. It is unconscionable, unbearable; almost unbelievable. Dare we meditate on such a fearful thing as the soul of God's Son seeping out of His body, just to save us?  

In 1977 I started to believe in Yeshua. I was working at the time as an arborist and tree climber. Instead of giving my heart to Yeshua, I turned back to worldly interests. At that time I had a chain saw accident while topping a large tree. I saw my blood spurting into the air from great height while I was tied into the tree by ropes. It was a near death experience. Looking back I can see similarities to the cross and the sovereign hand of God. My soul had been singed. During the recovery period, I started to renounce the world and reconsider Yeshua. In 1978 I was saved.   

The word poured out in Isaiah 53:12 is the same in modern Hebrew as infusion, like a blood transfusion in a hospital. Atonement is a legal cancellation of punishment and also a vital soul transformation. Yeshua's soul is "injected" (as it were) into our being like a blood transfusion.

His soul touches ours and changes us totally. This soul transformation starts as a new-birth experience and continues as a sanctifying process.  

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