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Times of Visitation

By Asher Intrater

In a previous article (Weeping over Jerusalem – July 7, 2013), we discussed how Yeshua repeatedly prophesied the destruction of Jerusalem.  He explained to the people of Jerusalem: "You did not know the time of your visitation" – Luke 19:44.

This concept of "visitation" is found repeatedly in the Hebrew prophets.  While it may mean simply "visit," the root PaKaD often refers to punishment and judgment, such as "visiting the sins of the fathers upon the children" – Ex. 20:5.  It can also mean visitation for blessing and restoration (Gen. 21:1; 50:24; Ex. 3:16; 4:31; Ruth 1:6; I Sam. 2:21; Ps. 8:4; 65:9).  

Yeshua's words in Luke 19:44 fulfilled the prophecy given to Moses after the Golden Calf: "My Angel shall go before you, and in the day of My visitation, I will visit their sin upon them" – Ex. 32:34.  The Angel of YHVH who had saved them at the Exodus would one day come to visit them for their iniquity.  

In Luke 19:44 Yeshua was also referring to, or even quoting, the "time of visitation" for Judah as prophesied repeatedly by Jeremiah (5:9, 29; 6:6, 15; 8:12; 9:9; 10:15; 14:10).  Visitation for Israel was prophesied by the "northern" prophets (Hosea 2:13; 8:13; 9:7, 9; Amos 3:14; Micah 7:4).  Visitation judgments can refer to other peoples and nations as well. For example:

Ps. 59:5 – heathen nations
Isa. 10:3 – Assyria
Isa. 23:17 – Lebanon
Isa. 29:6-7 – nations attacking Jerusalem
Jer. 46:21; 50:27, 31; 51:18 – time of visitation for Babylon
Jer. 48:44 – year of visitation for Moab
Jer. 49:8 – time of visitation for Edom
Ezek. 38:8 – Magog coalition of nations

Some of the most difficult passages in the Prophetic books are the extended descriptions of judgment against the nations. Those judgments are often based on their treatment of Israel. The punishment of the nations comes to its fulfillment at the Second Coming of Messiah.

Jerusalem's time was 33 AD for visitation, 70 AD for destruction, and 1967 for recapture. The time of full punishment for the nations has not yet come. Israel is a pattern nation. As it had a "time of visitation," so will the nations have theirs. It will be a horrible time. It will be the coming of the great and terrible day of YHVH.

The "time of visitation" of the nations in punishment will coincide with the "time of favor" for Zion.

Ps. 102:13 – You will arise, comfort Zion, for the time for her favor, for the appointed time has come.

That time of visitation for restoration was what Yeshua's disciples asked Him about in Acts 1:6, "Will You at this time restore the kingdom to Israel?"  They thought there would be no visitation of judgment but just favor.  They could not then have correctly understood, for Yeshua said clearly, "It is not for you to know the times and seasons set by the Father in His own authority" – Acts 1:7.

Although we do not know the exact times, we may have discernment about them (I Chron. 12:32, I Thess. 5:1-4). There are appointed times and seasons; including a time set for the judgment of all human beings (Acts 17:31).

There was a time of visitation in punishment for Israel. Today we are in the time of gospel grace to the nations until the fullness of the Gentiles comes in (Luke 21:24, Romans 11:25). Then there will be a "time of visitation" for the nations of the world. That time is growing nearer every day.     

Canaanite Spirits

By Uziel Rosemberg

God commanded Moses and Joshua to kill the Canaanite tribes.  They had committed evil sins of idolatry, immorality, and child murder (Deut. 12:31). They were filled with demons and worshipped them.

In ancient Israel, there was no way to stop demonic activity other than to kill the people, because Yeshua had not yet come to show how to cast out demons.  However Yeshua instructed His disciples, and passed on to us, authority to drive out demons.

Today, in this period of grace, we can wage spiritual warfare against demons without having to kill the people. The same demonic spirits that fought against Israel through the Canaanites are still fighting against the people of God today.

We have spiritual armor (Eph. 6:11), weapons (II Cor. 10:4), power in the Holy Spirit and the name of Yeshua.  As the Israelites fought against Canaanite tribes, our fight is against the demonic spirits that were leading them.

Pope in Brazil

By Harold Walker

Pope Francis visited Brazil this week and spoke before huge enthusiastic crowds. He seems to be a person who loves people, cares for the poor, prefers a simple life style and has great personal charisma. He knows how to talk to every kind of people, from state dignitaries to the simplest folk. He will likely change the Catholic Church to be less institutional and more people-friendly.

He also is very devoted to Mary worship, and nothing in his speeches here talked of a personal relationship with Jesus. However, last fall in Buenos Aires, a large group of pastors and priests met together.  Pastor Himitian shared on what true conversion of heart means.  In attendance was then Archbishop Bergoglio, who told the priests present that he was fully in favor of this experience, and many priests came forward.  A few months later Bergoglio became Pope Francis.

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