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Don't Bend the Knee to Baal

By Asher Intrater

The apostle Paul referred to Jewish believers in Yeshua as the "remnant of Israel" (Romans 11:5).  He compared them to the 7,000 people in the time of Elijah, who "did not bend their knee to Baal" (verse 4).  Since I am a Messianic Jew and do not participate in idolatry, I certainly qualify as one who does not bend the knee to Baal.  


Baal was the Canaanite god promoted by Jezebel.  In Revelation 2:20 we are told not to tolerate the spirit of Jezebel (and thus Baal). This spirit permeates modern society in rebellion, sexual sin, and carnal entertainment.  To “bend the knee” may be a physical act, but it may also refer to yielding in one's thoughts and emotions.  Have I let myself yield to evil imaginations?

Perhaps I'm bending the knee to Baal-Jezebel sensuality and self-indulgence more than I would like to admit.  Perhaps you are too.  I shared this with our team last week, and we all knelt on the floor and repented.  Soon after I was at the local mall; near the entrance was a giant advertisement of a woman dressed only in underwear.

I felt the fear of God (Proverbs 1:7; 8:13). I went into the store and politely yet firmly requested to have the poster removed, and to register the request with the management of the chain of stores across the country.  I had a sense that the poster would be removed in three days.  On the third morning, workmen arrived to change the poster. May God grant us grace not to bend the knee to Baal!

My Hanukah Miracle

By Dror Zicherman
(Excerpted and translated from Yediot Ahronot newspaper, 29-11-13)

During Hanukah, 2005, I was serving in the Nachshon unit, with a small team of four. We received a warning of potential terrorists. We set up a surprise checkpoint. 50 minutes after checking cars, a taxi arrived from the direction of Tulkarem.

We asked the passengers to get out of the car and line up. Some seemed suspicious; especially one with a thick jacket. We stood at a distance of 15 meters and asked him to open the jacket.  At that moment we heard a huge explosion. My friend, Uri, the officer of the unit, was killed instantly, and I was wounded seriously.

Then my miracles began. There happened to be a helicopter in the area that picked me up.  When the doctor on board saw how seriously I was hurt, he changed directions and sent me to Hillel Yaphe hospital, which cut 15 minutes and ultimately saved my life.   

I had so little blood that I lost consciousness.  For 3 days I was unconscious and on artificial respiration.  I passed through clinical death. On the day of the 8th candle (of Hanukah), I awoke. When I saw all the tubes and bandages, I realized how seriously I had been wounded: legs, loins, inner organs-- horrible pain.

Later we learned that the bomb had been a huge explosive of 30 kilograms that could have destroyed half a building.  Uri paid with his life; I paid with my body. I promised myself that I would not stay in a wheelchair, but would one day walk again.

I fulfilled that promise, after a year and a half of countless surgeries.  Now 8 years later, I have overcome the physical pains but I am still dealing with the suffering of my soul every day.  I realize I suffer from "battle shock." Sometimes it makes me feel better to remind myself that I saved the lives of many other people.

Let's pray for the author's emotional healing and spiritual salvation.

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