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Elijah Will Come

When Yeshua described the identity and calling of John the Baptist, He gave us an important key to understanding biblical prophecy.

Matthew 11:14 – "… he is Elijah who is to come."

Yeshua was referring to the prophecy at the end of Malachi which states that Elijah will come before the "great and terrible day of YHVH" – Malachi 4:5.

However John was NOT Elijah--we do not believe in reincarnation!  John was a totally different person who came with a similar calling and anointing as Elijah.  Luke 1:17 – "He will walk in the spirit and power of Elijah."

So there is a "third" Elijah-type person who is yet to come before the “great and terrible day” of His judgment.  He will be another totally different person, neither John or Elijah.  However, he will have a similar spirit to them. He will have a prophetic authority to influence the events of the end times, leading up to the Second Coming of Yeshua.

Elijah Himself?

There is a parallel “folklore” in both Christianity and Judaism that Elijah himself will return. However this view is deceptive and not according to the biblical pattern.  Elijah finished his time on earth, and then delegated to Elisha to continue what was left undone.  We are not to look for people to reappear from the past, but be actively involved in God's plan for our generation (Acts 13:36).  If we wait for old prophets to return, we will miss what God is calling us to do.

Yeshua's teaching explains the pattern of "three-fold" fulfillment of biblical prophecy: 1) ancient Israel, 2) 1st coming, gospel period, and 3) 2nd Coming, end times.  There was a real Elijah in ancient Israel.  John came in a similar spirit during  the gospel period, preparing the way for Yeshua’s 1st coming. Amidst end times’ tribulation, another prophetic figure (or multiple figures, as in Rev 11:3-6) will arise in the spirit and power of Elijah, “shutting up the sky, so that no rain will fall,” just as in the days of the first Elijah.   The pattern of "three-fold" fulfillment is found in many prophecies as well concerning Israel, the nations and the end times.

Special Report on Christ at the Checkpoint

By Dan Juster

This year I was invited to speak on the issue of replacement theology.  Gary Burge (well respected professor of New Testament at Wheaton College) was to also make a presentation after which we would receive questions and answers.

The Palestinian Christians are dear people who still maintain a culture of honor.  The conference was done with great order and professionalism.  The leaders drawn from the Christian world included scholars and big name leaders. 

There was great resistance to my going, but through the leadership team I am submitted to in Israel, I was encouraged to go.  Some thought I would just be used to further the political agenda of Christ and the Checkpoint.   Some of the e-mails and a blog from England actually came to a high level of attack and accusation. 

Some of the CATC folks really have a very strong political agenda to undercut Christian support for Israel.   Others are more oriented toward real dialogue and true unity with the Messianic Jewish community.

When I got up to speak, I found myself trembling.  I believe this is the first time I experienced a trembling under the anointing.

Enormous Suffering

I began by identifying with the enormous suffering of the Palestinian Christians.  I noted that we Jewish people were also a people who had experienced enormous suffering.  I noted that we must not do theology from our pain, or it can be skewed.  The pain of the Palestinians orients them toward a theology that does not allow for the continuing election of Israel who, they believe, has caused them such pain.  I think unless we credit the reality of this pain as based in a response to real events of trauma, we cannot gain a hearing for our theology.  I asserted that we can only do theology rightly on the basis of the Bible and that every text must be given its full weight of meaning according to its original context.

After speaking from Romans 9 and 11, I made the case that the irrevocable gifts and call of Romans 11:29 must include a destiny in this Land.  However, I was clear that this did not give Israel a right to treat the Palestinians poorly—especially if they were willing to live in peace with the Jewish people.  Also, I read Ezekiel 36 on God calling us back to the Land before we are born again. 

Many Voiced Agreement

After the talk Palestinian Christians came from every side and thanked me for the presentation.  However, the greater effect might be with the leaders who connected with me around coffee and meals.  Many voiced agreement with my presentation and some want to further the dialogue in future venues. The relationship with Dr. Gary Burge was very good as we spent time together afterwards.

So let’s continue to pray and believe for good things to come out of this.

Gateways School & Esther Fast Recap

Last week we hosted a Gateways school from Cyprus for three great days of worship, teaching, fellowship and a large BBQ to conclude our time together. Then on March 13th we held the Esther Fast for 12 hours in our worship room. Thanks to everyone who participated with us through the live web-stream. Though local participation was down this year because of it being a regular work day, we experienced much grace in the fast and believe history was influenced through our praise and focused intercession.

Be sure to join us again on the eve of June 3 (Israel time) for our all night prayer meeting on Shavuot (Pentecost). More details to come.