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Gospel of the Kingdom

By Asher Intrater

When we think of the gospel, the evangelion, we normally think of personal salvation. This is the entry point of the kingdom of God for all human beings.  Yet, the gospel is also referred to as the "gospel of the kingdom."

Matthew 9:35 – "preaching the gospel of the kingdom"
Matthew 13:19 – "the message of the kingdom"
Matthew 24:14 – "this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world as a testimony to all the nations, and after that the end will come."

Salvation continues on until its fullness.  The kingdom is like a tiny mustard seed that eventually fills the earth (Matthew 13:31-32).  Salvation is the planting of the seed; the kingdom is the process of it filling the earth (Mark 4:26-29).   As all the elements of a tree are already present inside the seed, so has the Kingdom already come inside us.  As the seed grows in stages to be a tree, so does the Kingdom grow until its fullness at Yeshua's return.
Let's define the "full" gospel in 7 stages:

  1. Salvation – forgiveness of sins and eternal life through repentance and faith in the crucifixion and resurrection of Yeshua.
  2. Holy Spirit Baptism – filled with the power and presence of God, producing fruit of character and gifts of charisma in the life of the believer.
  3. Sanctified Life – living as a dedicated disciple of Yeshua, including obedience to the Scriptures and the values of integrity and loyalty.
  4. Social Justice – changing the world and society around us for better through the influence of godly values and spiritual power.
  5. Church and Israel – working for the historic fullness, restoration and unity of both the Church and Israel, leading up to the coming of Yeshua.
  6. Second Coming – preparing the people of God to stand in the end times, declaring the soon coming of Yeshua in glory and judgment.
  7. Millennial Kingdom – the kingdom of the Messiah will be established on earth with peace among the nations and Yeshua ruling from Jerusalem.

This understanding of the gospel as a presentation of all the dimensions of the kingdom of God, starting with repentance and salvation, yet ending up with Yeshua ruling and reigning on this planet, will have more and more significance as we approach Yeshua's return.

War Over Nigeria

Nigeria is the largest nation in Africa, with a population of 178,000,000(!).  The northern part of the nation is mostly Muslim, with the south being Christian or other.  Boko Haram is an Al Qaeda related jihadist organization in Nigeria, responsible for an estimated 10,000 murders in the past decade.  On April 14, they abducted a group of Christian female high school students (54 are reported as having escaped with another 275 still held captive), with threats of forced conversion to Islam and selling them as sex slaves. 

Western media has recently become aware of this heinous terrorist act and has shown sympathy for the victims, even from such women leaders as Michelle Obama and Hilary Clinton.  However to a large degree the event is being misrepresented.  This is not a criminal act committed by "thugs."'  This is a planned terrorist campaign by Muslim fanatics, motivated by jihadist religious ideology, with the expressed purpose of destroying Christianity, Western education and Women's rights; as well as conquering Nigeria, killing infidels and imposing sharia law. 
So poignant in this tragedy is the "screaming silence" of the entire Muslim world; their lack of condemnation (reminiscent of the lack of response to the 9-11 Twin Towers attack) can only be interpreted as tacit support.   

In 1993 diplomatic relations were restored between Israel and Nigeria, including security cooperation. Some reports indicate that Israel has sent a special anti-terror unit to help at the request of the Nigerian government.

Let us pray for this jihadist sect to be totally destroyed and its perpetrators brought to justice, for the Muslim and non-Muslim world to wake up to the dangers of radical Islam , for the safe return of the Nigerian girls, and for freedom and security for Nigeria. 

Prophecy Verses Coming to Life

This week at Ahavat Yeshua congregation in Jerusalem, worship leader Evan Levine shared a new song he had composed from the words of Isaiah 53.  While the congregation was singing this song of praise, Elhanan Ben Avraham, re-known Messianic artist, brought forth a new painting that he had composed this same week, based also on the words of Isaiah 53 (see picture).  This was more than a coincidence.  As the Messianic remnant of Israel grows, Messianic prophecies are being renewed in our personal lives, the life of the congregation, in worship, art, and every sphere of life.  The ancient texts are coming to life. 

If you are interested in purchasing one of these unique paintings ($20 USD + Postage), please contact Elhanan at this email:

Christy from Bethlehem

Christy is a Palestinian Christian woman from Bethlehem who came to the conclusion from reading the Bible that the land of Israel was promised to the Jewish people by covenant and that Christians were better off in Israel under Jewish rule than in Muslim-dominated Palestine or Gaza. She has interviewed Palestinian cabinet member Saib Erekat, taught on college campuses and shared her testimony in social media.  Due to death threats she has fled the country. 

Pray for protection for her and her family from persecution and for widespread favor for her media teaching and sharing. To listen to her testimony click HERE!

Shavuot Video Invitation

Next month we are asking you to gather your family, friends and congregation and join with us for our 4th annual all night Shavuot (Pentecost) prayer meeting. For 12 hours, beginning on the eve of June 3, 2014 (Israel time) we will worship, intercede and believe for a fresh out pouring of the Holy Spirit. This time will be broadcast live through live web-stream. You don't want to miss it! Watch here for more details to come. To watch, click HERE!

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