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©18 July 2014 Revive Israel Ministries

War in Gaza

After offering a cease-fire which was refused by Hamas, Israel is advancing in a major operation in Gaza to destroy the terrorist infrastructure of Hamas.  Today in Gaza is found one of the most concentrated build ups of terrorists, weapons and encampments. 

It is difficult to deal with the suicide mentality of Hamas, who are willing to sacrifice their own civilian population in their hatred of Israel.  If a suicide bomber comes toward you, you have no choice other than to kill him.  Israel is warning Gazan civilians out of harm’s way, but the Hamas leaders are ordering them to stay, and act as “human shields.”  Their attitude is: “we are willing to have our children murdered in order to incite world opinion against Israel; and we consider this to be a victory!”

At this point, Egyptian President Al Sisi seems to be the only stabilizing, “neutral” factor in this conflict.  Pray for the root of Islamic extremism and terrorism to be uprooted from Gaza. 

Lord of Armies

by Francis Frangipane

Aspects of the divine nature are revealed in the compound names of God, such as Yahweh-Nissi ("the Lord My Banner") or Yahweh-Jirah ("the Lord My Provider") or Yahweh-Rapha ("the Lord My Healer"). On about 30 occasions in the Bible, the Lord reveals His eternal nature ready to meet the human needs of His servants.

Yet one name stands apart from these 30 references. It occurs approximately 290 times in the Bible -- nearly 10 times the sum of all other revelations! What is that name? - Yahweh-Tsebaoth, "the Lord of Hosts" (the God of Armies). 

In fighting for our personal transformation, our families, cities and nations, it is the Lord of Armies we want to follow into battle. It was the Lord of Hosts who met Joshua on the plains of Jericho (Josh. 5:14), and led David into battle against the Philistines (1 Sam. 17:45).

We need to see the Lord as the great Commander of Heaven's armies. He is the Master of the universe, Lord of powers, both on earth and in Heaven, "and the armies which are in heaven . . . [are] following Him" (Rev. 19:14). Read entire article here.

YHVH of Armies

By Asher Intrater

The Scriptures portray God as a “Man of War” (Exod. 15:3; Isa. 42:13).  Yeshua is seen as the Commander-in Chief of the angelic armies of heaven in the Prophets (Joshua 5:13) and in His return in glory in the New Covenant (Revelation 19:11). 

There are different kinds of anointings that come from God through the different ways that God reveals himself to mankind.  God is always present with us, but “in times of tribulations, He is a very present help.” (Ps 46:2)  In other words, there is an added dimension of the presence of God in situations where He reveals himself as YHVH of Armies.  We are sensing this in Israel today: in addition to the “earthly” hi-tech advantages like the Iron-Dome missile defense system, there is also a unique feeling—a peace of mind, protection and confidence on all of our people—secular and religious alike. 

We credit this special grace of God to the righteous stance of the Israeli government and military; and also to the enormous network of prayer that is being lifted up on behalf of Israel from Christians around the world. 

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