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"Not A Hero"

By Asher Intrater

The commando unit of Givati Division divided into two groups to check houses for terror tunnels in Gaza during the so-called "cease fire" last Thursday.  One was led by Captain Benaya, and the other by his assistant, Lieutenant Eitan.   Benaya's unit entered one of the houses, and a group of Hamas terrorists came out of a 1.5 meter opening of a concealed shaft and shot to death Benaya's lead team of three soldiers. 

Eitan's group was about 300 meters away resting.  They heard the shots and came running.  Two of the dead bodies were pulled to the side.  Eitan realized that his immediate commander was dead, meaning that he was now in charge of the unit. Eitan (age 23!) called for "iron numbers" – a quick roll call to see if anyone is missing.  Two minutes later it became clear that Hadar Golding was missing.  Eitan called for the "Hannibal rule" - all forces to search for the kidnapped soldier.

Eitan saw blood marks leading up to the shaft entrance.  It was clear that Golding was dragged into the tunnel.  Eitan said, "I'm going after him."  By radio the next two levels of officers above him said it was too dangerous. He refused to yield. He got special permission from the Colonel over Givati Division.  He started to go down, but realized it was too clumsy. He took off all his equipment, including helmet, and took only a pistol.  He told two other soldiers on his team to follow after him.

They went down into the total darkness, with a flashlight, feeling their way along. They followed after signs of blood.  They went on: 100 meters, 200, 300. Eitan said, "This is taking too long." He started running deep into the tunnel.  They got to a distance of 1,000 meters until they found the exit shaft—but it was sealed shut. They returned.  They brought back enough evidence to confirm Golding's death.  Because of this evidence, these brave soldiers prevented an international hostage crisis and likely saved thousands of lives.

Lieutenant Eitan had been 50 days in continuous action.  He was told by reporters, "You'll receive a national medal of honor for this." Eitan, thin, shy and delicate- featured, replied, "I don't want a medal. I'm not a hero.  I was just in the right place at the right time.  Anyone would have done the same. This is the spirit of our unit; the spirit of the IDF, the spirit of the people of Israel."

Rumors of War…and Israeli Tourism

By Ariel Blumenthal

When Yeshua taught his disciples about the End Times (Mt 24:6, Mk 13:7), He prophesied both of real wars, and “rumors of wars.”  In our short history here in Israel, while we have had several genuine wars and military “operations,” the rumors of war are always with us.  These days we endure the ongoing operation in Gaza, and all around us the Middle East seems to be going up in flames.  The “Arab Spring” looks more like a long, dark winter now.   Of course, all of this has an ill effect on an important part of the Israeli economy–tourism.

Already for summer and fall, many Christian tour groups have cancelled.   There are many local believers involved in the tourism industry: tour companies, hotels, transportation, etc.  We want to encourage our readers: if you are planning to come, don’t cancel!  And if you are not yet planning to come…come!   The rumors of war are always there, and if you are thinking: “maybe we should go when things quiet down and there are no rumors of war,” then you may never come to Israel!

"End of the World" in 2040?

The Hebrew Calendar records year numbers according to the aleph-bet.  The last letter of the aleph-bet is the letter tav (value = 400).  There are no numbers left after "tav."  The current year is "shin-ayin-dalet."  Therefore we will come to the end of this 800 year loop in another 26 years.  The year "tav-tav" corresponds to the civil year 2040.  The next loop would take another 200 years to 2240 which would correspond to the 7th "millennium."

In 1892, early Zionist writer, Elhanan Leib Lewinsky , wrote a novel in which he was taken in a dream to the year "tav-tav" and saw a utopian Jewish state in the Land of Israel.

It would seem likely that the Ultra-Orthodox, Chassidic world (that is looking for the coming of the messiah) will become hysterical with messianic expectations--false messiahs, end of the world predictions, Gog and Magog/ Armageddon scares--as we approach that year. 

Likely as well (should Messiah tarry), in parallel fashion, wild and fervent messianic expectations will spread across the Christian world.  And perhaps that will be accompanied by end-of-the world science fiction movies and world-wide Islamic Caliph Jihads.  We could expect a crescendo and crisis of messianic expectations at that time.

Pituach – Peruz – Peruk

We are being asked how to pray for the situation in Gaza.  I believe it can be summarized in 3 words, representing the Israeli position in peace negotiations now taking place in Cairo:

  1. Pituach (Development) in exchange for
  2. Peruz (Disarmament) based on
  3. Peruk (Dismantling ) of terrorist organizations

We would like to see peace for Gaza, including economic development, education and social welfare. That can only be allowed by Israel if the Gaza area is disarmed.  That can only happen if Hamas and other terrorist organizations are totally dismantled. This is not beyond possibility.  It happened in Egypt last year. 

Hamas is a terrorist organization, just as Al Qaida, Boko Haram, ISIS, Jihad and Hezbollah. No one can negotiate with suicide terrorists.  Let's pray for wisdom for government leaders to see this logic, and for this peruk-peruz-pituach plan to take place (be it the will of God).

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