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©5 December 2014 Revive Israel Ministries

Gospel of the Kingdom

By Dan Juster

The Good News answered the great Jewish question of the day, where is the Kingdom of God promised by the prophets?  The hope of the prophets was that Israel and the nations would be one under the rule of the Messiah, the Son of David.  As we read in Isaiah 2, the word of the Lord will go forth from Zion and nations will no longer go to war.  Even nature will be transformed; the wolf will lie down with the lamb (Isaiah 11).  The earth will be full of the knowledge of the Lord. 

When Yeshua began His ministry his announcement astonished our people.   “The Kingdom of God is at hand; repent and believe the Good News.”  (Mark 1:14).   In Yeshua the Kingdom had come in such a way that it could be embraced and entered into.  Yeshua demonstrated that the Kingdom really had appeared and was available even though the final fullness of this Kingdom established over all the Earth would still await a future intervention. 

Where is the Kingdom of God?  Anywhere the rule of God is established.  To the extent that His rule is established in any sphere of human life, we can say there is the Kingdom.  Yeshua comes with the power to establish His rule, beginning in our hearts.  The power of the Kingdom delivers from disease and demonic oppression and enables us to live according to the teaching of Yeshua. This teaching brings Torah to its highest application.  Hatred is removed from our hearts. Murder becomes impossible.  We love our enemies.  We not only avoid literal adultery, but have freedom from lust in our hearts.  We are honest in our words and true to our promises.   

The parables of Yeshua show the nature of the Kingdom He offers.  It spreads by the seed of the Word of God and finds reception in willing soils (hearts).  It grows from a small beginning, a mustard seed, into the largest plant in the garden.  It is the treasure that supersedes all else (Matthew 13).

Therefore the message of the Good News is that the Kingdom of God is available.  If we come to the Father on the basis of the death and resurrection of Yeshua, our sins are forgiven and we enter the Kingdom of God.  God promises to put all things in our lives into His right order, Kingdom order, Torah in the New Covenant, through the power of the Spirit.   

Crossing from Death to Life

In this part one, Asher speaks about the amazing connections between – the Jewish people crossing the Red Sea, Yeshua's resurrection and a believer being baptized. To watch, click HERE!

Restoration of the Fathers

By Steve Magnuson

God is our Father, and no man or group of people can take His place. However, it is Abraham who is the human father of our faith.  The days of being fatherless are coming to an end. God is the Father to the fatherless. One of the ways God will release His Father's Heart and reveal Himself as the Father, is through the restoration of the Jewish people.

The "fathers of the faith" will return to the "sons they have begotten."  A sense of vision for the future will be restored as we are reconnected to our past.   This connection will empower us to stand together as a family. Hand in hand; father and son.  God promised to turn the heart of the fathers to the sons, and the sons to the fathers (Malachi 4:6).  In addition to restoration in our nuclear families, this prophecy also includes the turning of the heart of the Jews (as fathers) to their spiritual sons (the Gentiles); and turning the heart of the sons (the Gentiles) to their spiritual fathers (the Jews).

Off Road Sharing

One of Youval Yanay's (CEO of Revive Israel) hobbies is off road excursions. Recently he has had many opportunities to meet with other off road enthusiasts and travel off the beaten track. On these trips, he is getting amazing opportunities to share his faith. These men (sometimes with their children) are coming with many questions about life and who Yeshua is, and great conversations are following. Youval and his family will be away this weekend on another excursion with many non-believers. Please pray for them as they spend time with these precious people, that they would be a great light and witness of God's kingdom.

Yad Hashmonah

The law suit against Messianic kibbutz by the homosexual-lesbian lobby was taken to a new level.  Unfortunately the higher court ruled against Yad Hashmona, reaffirming the rights of homosexuals to perform "marital" ceremonies on the property, despite the open stance of the community for traditional family and biblical values.   This ruling represents a huge financial challenge for the kibbutz, threatening to close down their special events and catering services.  In addition, the kibbutz was charged an additional 4,000 dollars for court costs above the previous fine.   Donations for Yad Hashmonah may be sent through