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Revive Israel Ministries

©2 January 2015 Revive Israel Ministries

End of Year Update


We continue to start every workday with 2 hours of prayer-praise-prophecy in Hebrew. This is the source of spiritual power for all our extended ministry activities.   Following this, we transition into equipping-type teaching for our team and local and international guests.

Every year we host/sponsor three national and international prayer and fasting events (Yom Kippur, Fast of Esther and Shavuot\Pentecost).   The vision for these events is growing and the participation both locally and through live web stream is increasing.  We run the local event in Hebrew and do partial translation on the internet stream.  


Ahavat Yeshua
Our base congregation in Jerusalem is doing quite well. Eddie and Jackie Santoro serve as the primary pastors of the congregation. Eddie and Asher have a dynamic cooperation as an apostle-pastor team.

This year we have been focusing on training new leaders, and many are arising to take places of responsibility.  In the new year a group of about 20 potential young leaders will begin a small group together under the leadership of Eddie and Dan Juster until they are trained to lead their own small groups.   This week the congregation will be moving to a new location in the center of Jerusalem. The facilities will be shared with two other local congregations.     

Tiferet Yeshua 
A new focus of congregational development for us has been Tiferet Yeshua congregation in Tel Aviv.  Asher serves as overseer of the congregation and Ron Cantor is coordinating the pastoral and eldership team.  The younger leadership team numbers about 20 people.  

The congregation, as well as Asher in particular, has been targeted for ultra-Orthodox "anti-Messianic" efforts.  Perhaps this is due to the fact that new Israelis often come to the congregation to hear about Yeshua and eternal life.   Like Ahavat Yeshua, Tiferet operates in Hebrew, with the gifts of the Spirit, dynamic praise, a bold proclamation of the good news, and the training of younger Israeli disciples. 

Strategic Giving

One of our core values is "strategic and aggressive" giving. One third of our general budget is dedicated to giving to the poor and needy, as well as for missions, other congregations and ministries.  One of our ministry goals is to demonstrate generosity and integrity through our financial management.

This year we gave to over 70 different individuals, projects and organizations. Here are a few examples:

  • horseback riding lessons for kids from single mother families  
  • rehabilitation center for those recovering from addiction to drugs and alcohol
  • fund for low interest loans to enable young families to buy homes
  • salary help for an administrative aid for a busy local pastor
  • national vacation and discipleship camp for Messianic teenagers


Local Evangelism
Rachel and her husband Gilead run the Netanel House outreach center in Ein Kerem, which continues to touch the lives of hundreds of local Israelis.    Roni Rejuwan, another veteran Sabra evangelist and team member, is also helping at the Yeshua House rehabilitation center and on the streets of Tel Aviv.   

Yeshua Chai Internet Television
We are continuing the development of the internet television channel for 24/7 direct evangelism in Hebrew. Little by little the quality and quantity of the shows are growing.  We have settled on the logo, graphics and site.  We will begin publicizing for viewership in spring of 2015. We have nearly completed a small studio for small local productions and plan on using it regularly.   

Yeshua Chai seeks to be a tool for evangelism from the entire body of Messiah in Israel.  We work in good cooperation and communication with the 4 or 5 other groups in Israel looking to do media production in Hebrew for evangelism. 

Palestinian Partners
We continue in our partnership with Palestinian Christians, particularly those involved in ministry to Muslims.  The testimony of our cooperation has borne much fruit of unity and encouragement across the Body of Messiah in many nations.      


Our ministry center is located at Yad Hashmonah, the only Messianic kibbutz in Israel. Youval has been working in cooperation with the kibbutz administrators, and we seek to be as supportive as possible to the kibbutz as the houses and new buildings go up.   Yad Hashmonah will become a major pillar of the Messianic community in Israel and around the world, and is a blessed home for our discipleship, ministry and prayer center.  


This year has seen a regrouping of Tikkun International. The senior leadership team consists of Asher, Dan Juster, Eitan Shishkoff, David Rudolph and Paul Wilbur.  The covenantal loyalty, integrity and unity of these men for over 30 years has been a testimony and encouragement to many throughout the world.  Our headquarters and vision are centered now in Israel, and go out from Israel to the nations.      


This year we sent team members to Denmark, Italy, England, Switzerland, Brazil, Canada, United States, India, Portugal, Japan and China for the purpose of restoring the original apostolic commission, and equipping the Church to stand with Israel in the end times.

Our weekly email update received a new template in English; and is translated and sent out in over a dozen languages.  

Our connection with Asia has greatly expanded this year due to the calling and ministry of Ariel Blumenthal. He and his wife Vered have been sent out to China for the next year and a half in order to continue building relationships and grow in their language studies.

We thank God, and thank you, our dear friends and partners, for standing with us. 

Blessing and love for the new year,

Asher Intrater, Youval Yanay, and Tal Robin

 (On behalf of the Revive Israel, Ahavat Yeshua, and Tiferet Yeshua teams) 

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