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©06 February 2015 Revive Israel Ministries

Job and the Fear of God

By Asher Intrater

Job is perhaps the oldest book in the Bible. The Hebrew language of the text is quite difficult.  The events seem to have taken place parallel to the time of the Patriarchs, but not connected to them, as there is no mention of Abraham, Isaac or Jacob.  Thus the book gives some insights into general beliefs about God in that period of history before the more specific revelations of the Law and the Prophets.

Chapter 28 describes how men make great efforts to search for gold and jewels, mining in the ground to dig out precious metals.  However, the text challenges us that it would be much more worthwhile to make the same efforts to search for wisdom.  And what is that wisdom worth more than diamonds?

Job 28:28 –
The fear of the Lord is wisdom and to turn from evil understanding.

The logic behind this statement is that God is a just judge and will punish evil.  If He punishes sin, then I better stop doing it, and quickly.  God punishes evil-- sometimes in this lifetime, and sometimes after this lifetime.  He punishes sin, regardless of whether one is a believer or a non-believer. 

In every sin there is an inherent “promise:” You may have to do wrong but you will supposedly benefit in some fantastic pleasure or profit.  However, this “promise” is deceitful and will ultimately disappoint you. 

God's promises and warnings are true.  His punishment of sin will be much more severe than any temporary gain or indulgence; and His rewards for turning away from sin will be much greater than the benefits the sin promised you. 

Addressing Islam

In this video, Asher addresses recent attacks from radical Muslims and stresses the need for unity between Messianic Jews and Bible believing Christians in order to confront the lies of Islam.  To watch in English, click HERE!

Please pray for the nation of Jordan.  There are great shock waves in response to the vicious and despicable burning alive of their captured pilot by ISIS.  Many are calling for firm military response; while others are actually calling for submission to ISIS. 

The Kingdom in Every Sphere

By Dan Juster

In past ages the Kingdom of God was identified with the rule of the Church. In more recent times, the Kingdom has been understood as the Millennial Age, something that has been postponed to the future.  Both of these views contain Biblical truth, but do not describe the full picture of the Kingdom of God.     

First of all, the Kingdom has really come to us through Yeshua the Messiah.   It is now possible to enter the Kingdom, live from the Kingdom and to manifest His Kingdom rule.  However, though it is a present reality, it is not yet here in fullness.  This fullness of the Kingdom awaits the second coming of Yeshua.  So where is the Kingdom seen?  It is seen in manifestations of Kingdom power.

It is also seen wherever there is submission to the will of God.  “Your Kingdom come, Your will be done” – Matthew 6:10.  The Holy Spirit now dwells in each individual disciple.  The Kingdom is seen in the one who lives according to the teaching of Yeshua.  The Kingdom is seen in marriages and families that are ordered through his presence and power (Ephesians 5-6).

The Kingdom is seen in the life of a congregation that is in correct biblical order.  We might even say that congregational life is the fullest manifestation of the Kingdom in this lifetime; as Yeshua taught, “I will establish My congregation (kehilah) and the gates of Hell will not prevail against it” – Matthew 16:18.  Yet the Kingdom is always in partial manifestation to the extent that individuals and spheres of human life are in submission to God’s order. Perfect submission to God’s order in any sphere will not occur in this age.

The Kingdom is in manifestation when civil governors rule according to biblical principles.

Businessmen should run their businesses according to Kingdom values, producing products and services that benefit people, and using profits to bless employees, shareholders, and consumers.  In this way, the business leader can create wealth for the benefit of all.  His stewardship of wealth should be directed primarily for the extension of the Kingdom of God, not selfish or opulent living. Godly employees through prayer and faithfulness also have power to bring transformation to the business world around them. 

Our involvement in the arts, science, and education should all reflect Kingdom values as well.

Seeking God's Kingdom and its righteousness (Matthew 6:33) means to bring all areas of life into line with His Kingdom order, or “Torah.”  No one knows how much the Kingdom can be manifested in all spheres before Yeshua's return.  In the fullness of the Kingdom after Yeshua’s return, Israel and the nations will be in right relationship toward one another, thus producing God’s international order and peace among nations.  Until that day, let us seek to see the Kingdom in manifestation in every sphere to the fullest extent possible.

Yeshua and the Lampstands

By Liat Archer

During worship I had a picture come to my mind of Yeshua as a high priest standing next to a lampstand and tending to it. I then thought of Revelation 1:13; 2:1 where Yeshua is seen walking among the seven lampstands which speak of the church.  He is our high priest.  We are His lampstands.  He tends to us every morning to make sure our lamps are trimmed, filled with oil and burning bright. 

Baruch HaBa Tour

The registration deadline for this unique tour is coming soon (Feb 20th). We at Revive Israel invite you to visit us (April 28 – May 7, 2015) and our ministry partners here in the land, build relationships with local believers, tour our beloved nation and hear life changing teachings from local leaders. For more info and to sign up, please click HERE!

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