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Netanyahu's Speech

Prime Minister Netanyahu spoke this week in the United States Congress warning of the danger of Iran's current regime obtaining nuclear weapons.  The speech lasted 45 minutes, had 107 mentions of Iran, was interrupted 36 times by applause, 23 times accompanied with standing ovations (Yediot, 4-3).  Netanyahu referred to the Bible twice: once comparing the current situation with the book of Esther (amazingly the speech took place on the eve of Purim); and the other referring to Moses telling the people of Israel to be strong and courageous.
Netanyahu emphasized that any type of an agreement that would remove sanctions at this time would eventually result in nuclear armament.  He also emphasized that the Khamenei government is openly supportive of Jihad and actively funds terrorist groups throughout the world.  Sanctions are an extremely effective tool, which risk no lives, do not lead to military conflict, weaken the regime of the Ayatollahs, lessen terrorist funding worldwide and hinder the development of nuclear weapons.

Any agreement would be virtually impossible to enforce.  Most estimates state that the impending agreement would allow for 6,500 centrifuges now, and up to 10,000 at the end of 10 years.  Netanyahu commented that 10 years may seem like a long time, but in the light of history, it is extremely short.

Much of the press criticized him, as well as top political leaders, both in Israel and around the world.  However, in my opinion, many people felt that he told the truth, and were glad that he did so.  A surprising expression of support for Netanyahu's position came from the "Al Arabia"-- the newspaper close to the Saudi Arabian government.  Their lead editorial article praised Netanyahu and said he correctly understood the situation with Iran much better than U.S. President Obama (Ma'ariv, 5-3).  

Covenant Logic

When God makes a new covenant, it can never violate a previous covenant. Why is the Messianic covenant given through Judah? Why is the gospel supposed to go to the Jew first? In this message Asher answers these questions and others as he teaches about God's covenant logic and order. To watch in English, click HERE!

Israel Elections

By Eddie Santoro

Israel is in the midst of elections that will have a profound impact on the future of this nation.

In a couple weeks Israelis will go to the polls to elect another new government. Unlike Americans, Israelis vote for a political party and not for a candidate. The many political parties that are vying for the votes of the Israeli electorate go from the extreme left to the extreme right of the political spectrum. The Zionist Union which represents the left is in a tie with Likud which represents the right and the continuation of Netanyahu as Prime Minister.

Economic Complexities

In Israel, the economic situation is a source of great frustration among the people. Prices in Israel are completely out of balance with wages and although in most families both parents are working full time and more, it is very difficult to cover normal monthly living expenses. Added to this is the astronomically high price of real estate, which makes it almost impossible for young couples to buy a home. A recent poll showed that 44% of the voters blame the Netanyahu government for this financial stress. This reaction is strengthening the more liberal parties whose emphasis is a change in the economic reality.

Although many Israelis see the economy as the primary voting issue, the question of the future of the West Bank, the possible creation of a Palestinian State and the division of Jerusalem will be deeply impacted by the results of this election.  

What about the Palestinians?

Ten years ago, Israel unilaterally withdrew from the Gaza Strip in the pursuit of peace. The Palestinian decision to ignore this new potential to build a nation and instead use it as a base to attack Israel has profound implications for the creation of any future Palestinian state. There is no doubt that the entire Muslim world would also view the new Palestine as a convenient launching pad for attacking Israel.

There is no easy answer. If Israel's citizens elect a right wing government with Netanyahu as Prime Minister, the government will continue to demand conditions that will protect Israel but be difficult for the Palestinian Authority to accept.  This perceived “intransigence” by Israel will probably result in an intensifying wave of anti-Semitism, international boycotts and world isolation.

If Israel's voters choose the Zionist Union block which could move the nation towards a policy of submitting to world pressure and the creation of a Palestinian State, then there will be likelihood of the Gaza War being played out again but on a much larger scale. Although a demilitarized state is one of the primary conditions for a future Palestine, Israel's ability to prevent the smuggling of large and advanced weapons would be all but impossible.

Please join us in praying for God's supernatural involvement in the coming elections that will be held on March 17th. 

Esther Fast

Thank you to everyone who joined us this week for the Esther Fast. Next week we will share more in depth about the event.

You Shall Love

By Elhanan Ben Avraham

For every helpless captive brutally beheaded or woman buried to her neck and stoned to death or a man burned alive, at every terror attack of savagery or in a raging riot at a cartoon around the planet, is heard the haunting chants of “allahu akbar!”  This is the same chant echoed five times a day from every mosque on the planet.  Is this the same God represented by Jesus, who said, “Love your enemies, bless those who persecute you, return good for evil, and turn the other cheek?”  It would seem doubtful. The Torah itself, from which Jesus quoted, is based on the foundational commandment in a single Hebrew word: v’ahavta -  ואהבת - "You shall love."

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