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©20 March 2015 Revive Israel Ministries

The First Split

By Asher Intrater

We often pray for unity.  To arrive at perfect unity, we must get to the root of division.  Here is a fascinating question: what was the first division or split in the community of faith?  Some say it was between Jew and Gentile.   To be more exact, the first division was between Hebrew-speaking Jewish believers in Israel and the Greek-speaking Jewish immigrants and converts. (See Acts 2:5 – 11.) 

Acts 6:1
In those days, when the number of disciples increased, the Greek-speaking Jews began to complain about the Hebrew speakers concerning their widows being left out of the daily distribution of aid.

The tensions between the two "sub-groups" had to do with two key topics: language and money.  Which language would be used in discussions by those making the key decisions?  What are the standards for distributing money donated to the community? Amazingly enough, these two issues are among the primary challenges affecting cooperation in our own congregations and ministries in Israel today. 

We have a beautiful and loving unity between the pastors and partners at Tikkun International, Ahavat Yeshua, Tiferet Yeshua, Tents of Mercy, Revive Israel, Gateways Beyond, Paul Wilbur ministries and other friends.  We met recently for four days of dialogue, sharing, prayer and decision making on administrative issues.

One question that constantly arose: what language do we use when we are together?  If it is primarily the immigrants and internationals, then the language is English. If it is mostly the local Israeli group, then the language is Hebrew.  But what happens when we have a mixed group? To what degree do we need to translate in our open congregational meetings?

When we have key strategic decisions to make concerning salaries, donations, and expenses, what language should we use? What about the different standards of living in Israel and internationally? Should the expenditures be different? Who decides how the budget is allocated?

The language and the money have a lot to do in determining who has the authority and who is leading.  As they struggled with issues of language and money in the first community of faith, so do we today.  It wasn’t easy 2,000 years ago—and it is not easy today. 

If we can overcome these two tensions as the Apostolic community did in Acts 6, perhaps we can get to the miraculous revivals that we see in Acts 1 through 5. Please pray with us for wisdom.

Why Pray for the Israeli Government?

In this message Asher gives an update of the current political situation in Israel, plus important reasons why we should pray for the Israeli government. He shows from the scriptures how these issues are connected to the kingdom of God and the return of Yeshua to sit on the throne of David as King forever. To watch in English, click HERE!

Tikkun Board Meetings

By Dan Juster

The American NPO board of Tikkun Ministries met last week in Israel with our extended group of friends and partners.   There has been a significant change in that the leadership authority is now based in Israel and flows from the works in the Land that were established through Asher Intrater and Eitan Shishkoff.  Asher led and moderated our meetings together.

The four senior overseers of Tikkun reside in Israel (myself, Asher, Eitan, and David Rudolph of Gateways Beyond).  My son, Ben, the director of operations, is in the process of relocating to Israel to oversee the administrative work of the Tikkun support organization.  

There were important highlights.  We came to clearer understanding of how the American based board serves the ministries in Israel, providing input and accountability.  Our board members have both spiritual and practical wisdom to bring forth at these meetings.  

This gathering included morning worship at Revive Israel, teaching from Asher, and meeting with the pastors connected to the Israeli networks of congregations.  They were able to share their lives, the ministry needs and challenges, and to receive prayer.  Very frank and open discussions are enabling us to move forward with greater clarity.  

Yeshua King of Kings

Here is another Hebrew worship song from Ta'anit Esther. To watch, click HERE!


By Francis Frangipane

What did Jesus have in mind for His followers? Did He come only to save us, but not train or empower us? I am convinced that the Lord's ultimate purpose in the redemption of man was His replication in man.

Consider Paul's passion. He wrote, "My little children, with whom I am again in labor until Christ is formed in you" (Gal. 4:19). This is the goal of God in the church, that Christ be formed - that He be functionally manifest in and through us.

Recall our Master's words. He said, "A pupil is not above his teacher; but everyone, after he has been fully trained, will be like his teacher" (Luke 6:40). God desires to fully train us so we will be "like [our] teacher."

The devil has convinced many that there is no hope for revival. What he hasn't considered is Christ in you. Jesus said that all things were possible for those who believe.

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