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Highest Quality Expressed

By Cody Archer

In New Testament Greek, two different words for 'new' are used. One is neos, and it speaks of something being new in terms of time. For example, everyday new/neos pencils are made, meaning they are the same pencils that have always been made, but new because they were produced today.

The other word for new is kainos, and it speaks of new in terms of quality. When a new internet phone is developed with the latest technology, and its quality surpasses all previous phones, it can be called a new/kainos phone. This new phone brings into the world something not seen before.

Paul uses kainos in Ephesians 2:15 describing Jews and Gentiles becoming “One New Man” through Yeshua. There is only a certain level of quality and newness that Jews meeting with Jews can bring into the world, and likewise with Gentiles. But when Jews and Gentiles come together as a reconciled body, this is where the highest quality and expression of the body of Yeshua is manifest in the earth. When this happens, we make known to the principalities and powers in heaven the manifold wisdom of God (Eph 3:10-11).

Overview of Lag B'Omer

By Karen Joy Kruger

In Leviticus 23:15 and Deuteronomy 16:9, the Torah commanded us to "count the Omer," for 49 days (seven weeks) from the end of Passover until the day of Pentecost (Shavuot).

Akiva was a famous Rabbi during the Second Temple Period.  Jewish legend states that he had 24,000 disciples, who were all killed by a plague that ended on the 33rd day, called “Lag B'Omer.”  Thus, this period has become a time of semi-mourning among Orthodox Jews.  

More legend surrounds Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai ("Rashbi") -- one of the disciples of Rabbi Akiva-- that he died on Lag b’Omer.  Rashbi believed in a secret, esoteric reading of the sacred texts,   and supposedly delivered the Zohar ("Illumination"), before he died, in a prophetic stream of consciousness. The Zohar has become the central text of Kabbalah (Jewish mysticism).

In Modern Israel, during Lag B'Omer, youngsters may be seen carrying logs and other pieces of wood, and creating huge bonfires. They roast marshmallows, cook meat and stay up all night, to the worry of their parents.  Schools are closed the following day and the children arrive home, early in the morning, smelling of smoke.

On the same evening, tens of thousands go to the Galilee to Mt. Meron, the burial site of Rabbi Shimon. There they camp, pray, sing, dance and whip themselves into a frenzy. Donations are given, and it is considered especially auspicious to pray for marriage partners and financial blessings.  It is also believed that if one lights a special candle at a special hour that Rabbi Shimon will pray for you, and you will be saved!

Despite the camaraderie and enjoyment of sitting around a campfire, there are obvious problems inherent in spiritual experiences around gravesites and praying to dead rabbis, no matter how wise or kind they may have been. There is a warning in Isaiah 65:4 of those "who sit among the graves and spend the night in the tombs…" 

When Miriam (Mary) came to search for Yeshua's slain body at the tomb, the angels asked her, "Why do you seek the living among the dead?"  Luke 24:5.  There is a great spiritual hunger in Israel. Many of our people know, in a visceral sense, their lack of a relationship with God. They are seeking and longing for such an intimacy in their souls. Let us pray that this search will end up in true life and salvation.

Israeli Government

The "Jewish Home" Party led by Naftali Bennett has agreed to join Netanyahu's coalition, with Ayallet Shaked as the head of the Justice department.  Netanyahu's new government has now only a one vote majority in the Israeli legislature (61).  It is unfortunately dependent on the two ultra-orthodox parties, which gives them disproportionate political leverage. The critical Foreign Ministry position is still vacant, following Liberman's surprise last-minute withdrawal, as well as other cabinet seats remaining for the Likud party.

Please join us in praying for a stable, strong and righteous Israeli government, which will work on behalf of the people and not party ambitions. 

Hosting Aglow International

Twice in the last week we had the privilege of spending time with our dear friends from Aglow International. The first time we met them was on the Mt. of Olives where Asher spoke about the historic shift in the kingdom of God as we approach the Second Coming.  To watch in English, click HERE!

The second time, they came to visit us at Yad Hashmona. As always, our time of worship together brought the tangible presence of God and led into a powerful time of prophetic ministry. Asher shared a powerful message about God's ultimate plan to restore all things, of which we will post soon on our YouTube page. We also enjoyed fellowshiping with them over a meal and are encouraged by the new levels of comradery and love we are experiencing with them. 

This fall (Nov 5-8), Asher will be speaking at the Aglow International Global conference in America, and we want to encourage you to attend this important event. For more details, click HERE!

Shavuot Invite

We invite you to join us for Shavuot (Pentecost) this year in person or through our live web-stream. The event begins May 23, 2015 at 10pm (Israel time) and continues for 8 hours.
Special video invitation from Asher, click HERE!

For the live web-stream, please go to at the time of the event.