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Passion for the Kingdom

By Asher Intrater

We have a passion for the kingdom of God.  We pray for His kingdom to come.  We desire for His will to be done on earth as it is in heaven—to see heaven come and change our world. (Matthew 6:10)

God has a plan for a perfect world with perfect people—the Kingdom of God.  There can be no perfect world if people don’t change first. The gospel is the power to change people into the image of God (Romans 1:16).  There will not be any pain or death (Revelation 21:4). There will be peace on earth (Luke 2:14), even in the Middle East (Isaiah 2:4), and prosperity as well (Micah 4:4).

God designed His plan before creation (Ephesians 1:9-10).  He started the world with a paradise in Eden.  Our sin damaged that paradise, but God has not given up on His plan.  He knew we would sin and provided a cure for it ahead of time – the Messiah’s atonement.  God will restore paradise and increase it.  The restored paradise will be better than the first. 

Apostolic Commission

All history is moving toward establishing this Kingdom -- a perfect world with a perfect society.  There will be a righteous government, of perfect justice: the wicked will be punished and the righteous rewarded. (That is why we repent now while forgiveness is still being offered.)

Every kingdom has a king.  The king of God's kingdom is Yeshua (John 18:36-37, 19:19).  Every kingdom has a capital. The capital of God's kingdom is Jerusalem (Isaiah 2:3). The king is the person of God's authority; the capital is the place of His authority.  Jesus is the person; Jerusalem is the place (Psalm 2:5).

All history is moving toward a conflict. The conflict comes from the opposition to God's authority.  Before the kingdom of peace will be established on the earth, there will be a time of great tribulation and then a great war (Joel 2:2-3, Jeremiah 30:7). All the nations and powers in opposition to God's authority will gather to attack the capital city Jerusalem (Zechariah 14:2-3; Revelation 19:19).  Evil people will attack godly people in every nation.   

All of this was central to the vision and message of the Apostles.  Theirs was a movement to change the world, to restore Israel, to prepare God's people for the end times and for Yeshua's return. What they started we want to finish.  Their vision is our vision.  We desire to renew, restore and complete the original apostolic commission.

Let's receive the same passion and fire for the kingdom of God and change the world together (Acts 1:8).

Vietnam and Asia Gathering

By Ariel Blumenthal

From July 7-10 more than 15,000 believers came for the Asia-Gathering (led by David Demian) in Hong Kong.  As usual in the Gatherings, the Holy Spirit surprised us in many ways. 

One night a week before I couldn’t sleep, and suddenly I found myself thinking about the nation of Vietnam—a nation about which I knew almost nothing.  I spent over an hour reading things on the internet about the country, its churches, and some recent, very interesting connections with Israel.  At our first leadership meeting on the morning of the 7th, David asked if any of us had heard something from the Lord.  I shared about Vietnam ; and then several others came forward to share that the Spirit had also been speaking to them about Vietnam.   That afternoon at the first open meeting, we made a point to welcome the Vietnam contingent as an integral part of the “chopsticks nations” (China, Korea, Japan).  We then had a dynamic time of prayer for this mostly Buddhist nation.  The next day, we heard this news: shortly after we were doing all this on Tuesday afternoon the 7th, what was to be the largest Buddha statue in Northern Vietnam—45 meters high, 3 years under construction—suddenly collapsed!! Thank God no one was hurt. You can see the report online here.

Let’s keep this nation, which the Lord seems to be highlighting, in our prayers.

(If you would like to read more testimony from the Asia Gathering, please visit Ariel’s blog: Shalom and Update from Asia Gathering in Hong Kong, July 7-10

Check Point Prayer

By Sharona W.

A couple of weeks ago, I was driving through the main checkpoint between Bethlehem and Jerusalem, as I do every week. On this occasion, however, I felt a heavy oppression and even the anger that many Palestinians feel, the feelings of being trapped and resenting the carefree way that the soldiers check them or prevent their movement. As I approached, I saw a female soldier. She was the only female soldier I observed among the soldiers stationed at the checkpoint. I immediately knew I was supposed to pray for her, and for the Palestinians present. It was unclear to me at the time why I felt this more than at other times.

After my meeting in Beit Jala, I returned to find the checkpoint completely closed. I later learned that a mere 5-10 minutes after I passed through the checkpoint that morning, a Palestinian woman stabbed a female soldier. The Palestinian woman was apprehended and the soldier was in serious condition in a coma at the hospital. Amazingly, the next day, the soldier came out of her coma.

I continue to pray for both the soldier and the Palestinian woman who committed the attack, knowing that without God’s grace, I could so easily be either victim or perpetrator in the enemy’s plan for this land.

God's Will

In this message David McQueen preaches on the breadth of the will of God. What is God's will for us today ? To watch in English, click HERE!