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The Story of Asher Intrater

In this video Asher shares the story about his childhood, salvation, Aliyah and the birthing of Revive Israel. To watch in English, click HERE!

"Important:" to watch the video with subtitles in different languages, click on the closed caption (CC) symbol at the bottom right hand corner of the video player (this will bring up English subtitles).Then click on the settings symbol and Select (Subtitles/CC    English>), next select translate and select your preferred language. 

Right Theology

By Daniel C. Juster

Here are some aspects of what I consider a right theology that must prevail in the Messianic Jewish movement. 

  1. End Times - We are to be aligned with the last days' church, which will lead to Israel being saved, the return of the Messiah Yeshua, and the Millennial Kingdom.   The teaching that we will be raptured out seven years before the great revival in Israel takes place, undercuts a key strategy for the last days' Messianic movement.  We have to be here until the return of the Lord to fulfill the Romans 11 mandate.
  1. Power of Holy Spirit - The power of the Holy Spirit and all his gifts will be crucial to accomplish the last days' task of the Messianic Jews and its partners in the larger Body of the Messiah of which we are a part.  Any teaching that diminishes this emphasis and does not motivate people through love to seek the power and all of the gifts of the Spirit is in these days counter-productive.  (I Cor. 14, Acts 1:8)
  1. Apostolic/Prophetic Leadership - It is crucial as well to teach that apostolic and prophetic leadership must be raised up in Israel to bring unity to the Body and equipping to see the Body come into the maturity to which it is called.  (Eph. 4:11ff.)
  1. Jewish Roots - In the New Covenant order, the Torah provides universal ethical and moral standards that are part of that righteous requirement to be fulfilled by those who walk in the Spirit (Romans 8:4).  Together with the Abrahamic Covenant (Land, People, Language, Nationhood) the Mosaic Commandments provide the markers of Jewish identity; , without these, Jewish believers and Jews in general have no distinctive pattern of life that constitute their peoplehood (Acts 21:20-24).

Right theology is crucial, has great practical importance, and has to be established for us to fulfill our last days calling.  Pray with us for these foundational issues to be taught correctly.

10 Truck Tour across Canada

By Paul Wilbur

Several months ago I received a call from my friend Dean Bye, formerly the Canadian director of Christians for Israel. For more than a year, a successful businessman has been impressed of God to purchase ten white trucks and donate them to Israel in order to help the poor.    
One of the most remarkable parts of this story only came to light a few short weeks ago.  It seems that there was a secret village within the complex of Auschwitz death camp where Jews were herded immediately after disembarking from the cattle cars. Here they were stripped of all their clothing, and final selection was made. The Nazis discovered that the people were sewing their remaining wealth into their clothing, shoes, brief cases, in hopes to buy their way to freedom, or escape.

And what was the name of this place of final despair? Kanada House! (Canada is a derivative of the Huron-Iroquois name for "little village".)  Now the ten trucks have taken on a whole new meaning and purpose. Is it possible that the wealth of the nations have been stored up for the righteous for such a time as this?

What if instead of stealing from the Jews, those trucks could be filled in order to RESTORE the fortunes of Jacob, to bless instead of curse, to give instead of plunder? What if Canada is only the first of many nations who would catch this vision to RESTORE? My heart is stirred even as I write these few lines. "Build up, restore…comfort My people!"
To watch the promo video in English, click HERE!

Prayer Elul 40

We are in the midst of repentance and intercession in the month of Elul, the Feast of Trumpets and the Day of Atonement.  In this year of Shemita, there is a particularly acute sense of transition and spiritual warfare during this 40 day period. 

  1. Economy – US debt, near bankruptcy of Greece and dramatic changes in the Chinese stock market point to economic crisis worldwide.
  2. Syria – Israel attacked this week an Islamic Jihad base deep inside Syria after the terrorist group fired 6 rockets toward Israel. Meanwhile ISIS continues to murder, rape and destroy.
  3. Iran – Iran has purchased weapons from Russia and renewed connections with Hezbollah. The rise of their support of terror with the release of billions of dollars from removal of sanctions could threaten lives of thousands.
  4. Egypt – An unusual cooperation is growing among Israel, Egypt, SaudiArabia and the Kurds to fight Islamic radicalism.  Since the Kurds live in the area of ancient Assyria, this may be seen as a partial fulfillment of the Isaiah 19 "highway."
  5. Jewish Division – There is a growing split in the Jewish community in the US in the light of the agreement with Iran; those who seem to side more with Israel and those who are separating themselves from Israel.
  6. Messianic Leaders – There has been a wave of sudden health problems among many leaders in Israel. Despite the attacks the remnant here continues to grow as an emerging apostolic-prophetic community.   
  7.  Kingdom Alignment – Christians around the world are aligning themselves spiritually with Israel and the Messianic remnant here.  This alignment gives prophetic significance to many of these current events listed above.

Please pray with us for God's will to be done in all these strategic areas.  We will finish this period with our five-congregational fast and sacred assembly on Yom Kippur.