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© 11 September 2015 Revive Israel Ministries

Refugee Crisis

By Youval Yanay

Today we are seeing the worst refugee crisis since World War II. Europe is being overwhelmed with refugees fleeing from Syria and the region. There are heart-wrenching images of men, woman and children fleeing for their lives and even dying on the way.  While the media is placing much of the blame on EU policy to receive and assist these refugees, the true cause of this crisis is being largely ignored – which is radical Islam.

We should also notice the fact that the Muslim refugees are not seeking asylum in neighboring Muslim countries like Iran, Saudi Arabia, and others, but would rather risk their lives on the long perilous journey to Europe. They are seeking to escape the violence, abuse, torture, and murder they have endured at the hands of devoted radical Muslims. They understand that they will not find compassion in these Muslim countries, on the contrary some trying to cross these borders have been met with gunfire.
It is interesting to note that the decision of the German government to receive and help the refugees comes in this 70th year anniversary of the close of World War II.

Refugee Evangelism

By Jack Sara, Bethlehem Bible College

The tides are changing in the world, as turmoil and difficulties are looming over the Middle East.  Of the people fleeing from Syria, Iraq, Sudan and Libya toward Europe, some are Christians, but the majority are Muslims.  How can we reach out to such a suffering world with the love of Christ?  How can we engage in changing their lives?

The Lord has given us an opportunity together with several strategic partners for equipping and encouraging Arab Christian leaders in Europe. Last summer we held two training conferences with an attendance of over 100 Arab leaders in Austria and 150 in Germany, in addition to over 100 Iranian leaders.
We worked together with an Indonesian church, the Bethlehem Bible College and the Evangelical Alliance. The results were beyond expectations and we want to continue to empower the Arab churches in Europe. “I know your deeds. See, I have placed before you an open door that no one can shut.” Revelation 3:8

We are considering doing another set of conference/s for pastors and young leaders in Europe in 2016 to prepare them for the work ahead.  We need your prayers and support in order to advance such a vision for outreach enters for Arabs in Europe and refugees from the Middle East.


Revive Israel is affiliated with Tikkun International, a family of ministries and friends partnering together for the dual restoration of Israel and the Church.

The name Tikkun is taken from the Hebrew word for restoration as described in Acts 3:21 – "until the restoration of all things" and in the traditional Jewish concept of redemption, called Tikkun HaOlam.

Our joint vision is to restore and complete the original apostolic commission, leading up to the return of Yeshua and the establishment of the Messianic kingdom on earth.
Our values include covenantal relationships of integrity and loyalty; apostolic/prophetic leadership teams; and supporting the Messianic remnant in the land of Israel and around the world.

Our senior advisory council is made up of Dan Juster, Eitan Shishkoff, David Rudolph, Paul Wilbur and Asher Intrater, who began cooperating in ministry in the late 1970's and early 1980's. 

“Heroines” - Key Women Who Paved the Way…

Some of the greatest heroes of the Bible are not heroes at all but heroines.  This book is a study of a dozen of those key women who paved the way for all of us who walk by faith in the God of Israel. 

In studying these women of faith we will find a deep mystery of Scriptures, an insight into the secret plan of God, which He designed before the foundation of the earth.  It is only by understanding faith from the point of view of these women that this mysterious revelation can be found.

This book is designed to be a devotional study. It deals with issues of the heart. In my own personal prayers, I feel identification with these 12 special women. I try to "put myself in their shoes" and receive the inspiration and insights that they had. 

I want to share that identification with you in the hope that it will bring you encouragement and inspiration as well.

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Aglow Global Conference

We invite you to join Asher at the Aglow International Global Conference in Indianapolis, IN this November, where he will be one of the keynote speakers. He will be joined by his friend, Harun Ibrahim, a former Muslim believer in Jesus, along with Christian leaders from around the world. It will be a powerful time of celebration and impartation! Register today!