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Apostolic Alignment

By Asher Intrater

The Scriptures show that we are all to be submitted to authority.  We submit to authority, and we are given authority (Luke 7:8).  This submission starts on the most personal and immediate level to Yeshua (Jesus) as Lord, and continues on to a global or worldwide alignment for the entire Body of Messiah.

As the progression of spiritual authority moves from the personal to the global, the demand of submission becomes lighter. Here is how spiritual authority progresses from "micro" to "macro."

  • Personal Submission to Yeshua - Every believer in Yeshua should be submitted to Yeshua's spiritual authority in his own life personally (Matthew 7:21; Luke 6:46).
  • Membership in Local Congregation - Subsequently, each believer should make a commitment to a local congregation of faith (Matthew 16:18) under the spiritual authority of qualified elders (I Timothy 3).
  • Teamwork Leadership - Each group of leaders should treat one another as equals before God, yet allow one who is "first among equals" to lead the team.
  • Apostolic/Prophetic Teams - Each congregational or ministry leader should be part of an apostolic-prophetic network and submitted to its leadership team (Ephesians 4:11-16).
  • Senior Advisors - Each apostolic leader should himself be submitted to a council of senior apostolic advisors for accountability and oversight (like elder/grandfathers in the ancient tribes of Israel).
  • Unity of the Body - These levels of mutual submission, teamwork and accountability enable the greater community of faith to function in unity, maturity and integrity (Ephesians 4:12-16).
  • Jerusalem Alignment - As we move toward the Second Coming, these networks will become more and more aligned, both spiritually and geographically, with restored Messianic Jewish apostolic leadership in the Jerusalem area (Matthew 19:28, Acts 1:21 – 26, Isaiah 2:2-3, Acts 15:2, 16:4, Galatians 2:1-2, Zechariah 8:23).

As we come into right relationship and alignment, we create an "atmosphere" where the power and kingdom of God is released. Leaders should be the first to demonstrate this heart of submission.   When we started the oversight at Tiferet Yeshua and Ahavat Yeshua, I called the local leadership team together and said, "I want you to know that if I sin or act improperly, I can be removed from this position. Here is a list of the people to whom I am submitted and can remove me."  The act of submission invites others into alignment as well.

Alignment involves submission to authority, right covenantal order and an understanding of prophetic direction for the future.  This is something that we believe the Spirit of God is emphasizing to His people in these end times.

What's in a name?

By Betty Intrater

If asked what you think the most popular male baby name in Israel is what would your answer be? David? Aaron? Samuel? Wrong! The most popular male baby name in Israel last year was Mohammed!!

Despite the various criticisms -- some say the Israel Bureau of Statistics tried to hide this fact by excluding Arab births in their survey; others criticized the Arab sector for lack of originality in repeatedly using the same name -- a couple statistics stand out.

One, the high number of Arabs living among the Jewish population (these surveys do not include the unanimous Arab residents of the disputed territories) and two, the freedom of these residents to express their religion and culture in their name choice. (A non-Muslim would not likely name his child Mohammed.)

Can you imagine the Saudi Arabian or Iranian Bureau of Statistics listing it's most popular baby name as Chaim or Jacob?

Bringing the Kingdom in Switzerland

By Cody Archer

Liat and I just returned from a rich time of teaching on the kingdom of God at a youth camp in Switzerland.  Here are some testimonies:

  • One girl, who grew up in a non-believing family and was an atheist, surrendered her life to Jesus for the first time! She explained at the end of the week that for the first few days she was resisting what she was hearing, but then she began to encounter God's love during worship and her walls began to come down!
  • One girl who has been dependent upon sleeping pills for years was healed and began going to bed and sleeping without pills during the week!
  • A girl who had a particularly high pitched voice received prayer and the tone of her voice was suddenly changed to a lower tone. She also had one leg that was 1.5 cm longer than the other. She was prayed for and her shorter leg grew out to be equal with the other!
  • During worship one night there was a word about angels moving and dancing in the room. Shortly after this a young man felt someone come and lay hands on his shoulders and when he turned around to look, no one was there!
  • The voice of one worship leader was growing tired and soar as the week went on. After she received prayer the pain left and her voice was strengthened!

Thank you for standing with us in prayer!

The Greatest Jewish Holiday

By Asher Intrater

In this teaching Asher goes through the messianic lineage, the biblical history leading up to the birth of Yeshua and the requirements of the messiah according to the prophets.
That the greatest Jewish holiday, the birth of the Messiah, is the greatest moment in Jewish history that gives purpose and meaning to the history of the Jewish people. To watch in English, CLICK HERE!