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Anointing Oil for the Head of Government

By Asher Intrater

There is a subtle dynamic between our spiritual faith communities and the governments leading our society. One day Yeshua, as King Messiah, will take over the kingdoms of this world (Revelation 11:15).  In the meantime we are called to be a positive godly influence within our societies, through prayer, moral example and actions of social justice.

Praying for government leaders is a priority for us because government leaders affect many people who live under their rule (I Timothy 2:1-2).  We can pray for them to have wisdom (Ephesians 1:17) and for God to cause them to make righteous decisions (Proverbs 21:1).

Following an Ancient Pattern

The prophets of ancient Israel would "pour oil" on the heads of the kings. For example, Samuel anointed David to make him king (I Samuel 16:13).  We can also "pour out" a spiritual anointing upon government leaders through prayer in order to help them.

This spiritual anointing has two purposes:

  1. To choose and empower a candidate to become head of the government.
  2. To help him succeed and make right decisions after he takes office.

Praying for our Leaders

We need to pray for government leaders on both levels.  I try to pray daily for the Prime Minister of Israel and the Knesset members, to give them spiritual oil for wisdom and revelation, justice and righteousness.

This is true for judges and military leaders as well as parliament members; and should be prayed for leaders in every country around the world.   Currently there is crucial election process going on in the USA, which will likely affect many other nations, including Israel.

Some of those whom I most trust in the USA with spiritual discernment believe that Cruz would be the best candidate. (Perhaps we should pray for a "cruse" of oil for him.) In any case, we should pray for both aspects of the anointing oil: to empower the right candidate and to provide wisdom for the future.

Recap of week with Tikkun and Gateways Beyond

This past week we had the pleasure of hosting teams from Gateways Beyond International, the U.S.A., Czech Republic, and the Tikkun International Board. With the different teams and international guests we had over a dozen nations represented and many different streams from within the Body.

We devoted the week to seeking God together and deepening relationships.  Each morning was a wonderful time of worship, prophetic intercession and ministry to each other as the Lord moved in our mist. We had a particularly powerful time after Asher taught on generational transfer. There was a spontaneous response of the older generation blessing and releasing the next generation and the younger generation responding by honoring and blessings the generation that has gone before them. We began to see that what started off with a few men entering into covenant relationship over thirty years ago is today becoming an international intergenerational movement. Thank you for covering us in prayer last week!

A Plan for a People

In this teaching Asher shares about the group of people God is gathering from every nation to become positioned and connected in order to reflect the plan and glory of God. To watch in English, click HERE!

Split Second – Life or Death

By Asher Intrater

"Beygale" is a small foodies club for middle class Israeli's, run by Dudi and Naama. (They manage the club from their living room in their apartment in north Tel Aviv. Their one employee happens to be our daughter Jackie.)

This week Dudi and Naama sponsored a group touring restaurants in Turkey.  An ISIS related terrorist followed them from their hotel and exploded himself and them on a main street in the shopping district of Istanbul. 3 out of the 4 murdered, and 11 out of the 40 injured were from the "Beygale" tour. The corpses and wounded were flown back to Israel the next day. 

It is shocking to think how any moment can turn from life to death.  Here they were, enjoying the "good life." In a split second of sub conscious awareness and a huge boom, everything changed. Let us take a moment to ponder on what are the things that are really important.