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What You Didn't Know About Passover

Did you know that The Exodus from Egypt, the Gospel and the End Times are connected? In this message Asher shares on how these three are intertwined in the prophetic story of the Passover. To watch in English, click HERE!

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How to Open Heaven [part 2]

In this message Asher Intrater shares keys on how to open the doors of heaven and see blessing come down. To watch in English with Korean translation, click HERE!

Israeli Muslim Police Commander

Notice the attached picture.  The man on the right is Israel's police High Commissioner, Roni Alsheikh, obviously an Orthodox Jew.  The man on the left is the new "Nitsav" – Commander of the Iron station in the troubled Arah Valley area in the lower Galilee.  His name is Jamal Hachrosh; he is a Muslim, an Arab, an Israeli citizen, and now the first Muslim to reach such a high position in the Israeli police.  A Nitsav is the equivalent of a major general in the army.

His appointment is part of an effort by the Israeli government to make the Israeli police force more effective and more approachable to the Arab population.  The Arah Valley area is 90% Arab, while the overall Arab population in Israel is about 20%.  This is an example of local efforts of Jews and Arabs within Israel for peaceful co-existence. So next time you hear the “apartheid” charge so often leveled by the anti-Israel, BDS movement you can say, “wait a minute!  Israel isn’t South Africa!  There’s no apartheid; the problem in Israel is not a racial one; there are Arabs in some of the highest positions of government and society! 

Golan Heights to Stay

Prime Minister Netanyahu moved the weekly cabinet meeting from Jerusalem all the way north to Gamlah in the Golan Heights.  There he announced that Israel will retain possession of the Golan Heights permanently.  He is apparently making this statement in the light of probable international intervention to redefine borders and governments in war torn Syria-Iraq after ISIS is defeated. 

There has often been pressure from the international community for Israel to give the Golan back to Syria.  Just think if that had happened: it would have brought the entire murderous Jihadi war on the Syrian front right to the shores of the Sea of Galilee!  What a disaster that would have been!  Next year will mark the 50th year since the Israeli resettlement of the Golan, captured during the 1967 War.

Arab States Condemn Iran

Another significant event this week was the official condemnation of Iran's supporting terror and intervening to take over countries around the Middle East.  And who made this statement? An Israel right-wing propaganda organization? No! It was made by the O.I.C. --The Organization of Islamic Cooperation--with 56 nations as members in their charter. Iran itself is a member of the OIC.  The OIC conference was held in Turkey. The Iranian representatives walked out in protest when the declaration was passed.   

New Ukrainian Prime Minister

Last week, the Ukrainian parliament voted for the new Prime Minister.  In a surprising outcome, they chose the youngest prime minister ever, 38 years old, Volodymyr Groysman, previously the mayor of Kiev.  And even more surprising, he is a Jew, and pro-Israel. Who would have thought such a thing even a few years ago?  Grossman faces some very difficult challenges as Ukraine deals with pro-Russian rebels on the one hand and a stumbling economy on the other hand. By the way, the largest Messianic Jewish congregation in the world is also located in Kiev, led by our friend and brother, Boris Grishenko.