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Moral Accountability

Asher Intrater

One day we will all have to give an account before God for what we have done in this life, whether good or bad (Matthew 25:31; Romans 2:5; II Corinthians 5:10; Revelation 20:12).  Human beings have free will and a moral conscience. Free will means we have responsibility; moral conscience means that God designed us to be able to discern between right and wrong. Those two together mean we have moral accountability.

Right and wrong should be "written in our conscience" (Romans 2:15).  However our consciences have been distorted evil influences.  Therefore God gave us the perfect moral law in the Bible: first in the Torah, especially The Ten Commandments; then the Prophets, Writings, and ultimately the New Covenant.    Our consciences must be re-calibrated according to the universal moral laws found in the Bible.  Moral conscience should match the moral law. The “Torah” of the full Biblical, moral revelation is promised to be written on our hearts in the New Covenant (Jeremiah 31:33).

A young man once asked Yeshua what he needed to do to receive eternal life.  Yeshua told him simply and directly to keep five of the Ten Commandments (Exodus 20), plus the Royal Law of Love (Leviticus 19).  

You shall not murder; You shall not commit adultery; You shall not steal; You shall not bear false witness; Honor your father and mother; and You shall love your neighbor as yourself – Matthew 19:18-19.

These laws are beyond “religion,” be it Christianity, Judaism or Islam.  They are universal and moral.  The world is sinking into depths of terrorism, sexual perversion, corruption and rebellion. Islamic Jihadism breaks almost all of the Ten Commandments--therefore it cannot be considered as faith in the God of the Bible.

Some Ultra-Orthodox Jews refuse to serve in the Israeli army, tantamount to causing others to die in their place; many do not pay taxes but demand major government subsidies financed by those who do pay taxes; most make false claims that rabbinic traditions were commanded by God.  Others even consider their Gentile "neighbors" to be racially unclean. 

Some false Christians justify a life of open sin by saying they are saved by grace.

How can we justify our own resentment, anger, gossip, lust, pride and disrespect?  Have we become more dedicated to entertainment, pleasure and comfort than to serving God (2 Timothy 3:1-5). Let us repent truly and deeply in our hearts, so that we will be ready to give an account for our lives before God.    

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Ten Revive Israel Families Moving this Summer

As a Revive Israel team, we are excited about the transition's God is taking us through as a team both spiritually and physically. This summer ten families from our team will be moving. Some will move into their newly built homes in Yad Hashmona and some are moving to bigger apartments to suit their growing family. God is connecting us as a family in an even deeper way by geographically moving over half of our team closer together.

With moving comes extra stresses and challenges. Therefore we would like to ask you to consider coming to Israel in August 2016 to volunteer and help our team with this transition. Some ways you could serve include: carpentry and construction work, painting, moving furniture, cooking and cleaning.

Not only would you be helping us in a practical way, you will have the opportunity to build relationships with our team and join us for our mornings of worship, prayer and teaching. As you serve us we want to pour into you as well!

We will cover your housing and food expenses, and you will need to look after your transportation and insurance costs. Interested? Contact:

Our Teachings in YOUR Language

Our media team began a new project of adding subtitles to our video teachings. It is a task done with the help of faithful volunteers who have responded to our recent invitations. Each one differs in the amount of hours they invest each month but all are of vital importance. The project is still in its beginning phase but we are advancing. Currently we have teams in French, Portuguese, Spanish, Danish and Korean partnering with us to send life transforming messages to their nations.

Do you have skill in translation and a desire to see our teachings in your language? Join our family of translators. Write for info.