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Seven Models of Apostolic Teams

Asher Intrater

Much of the spiritual action in the Bible comes from the work of apostolic-prophetic teams.   I have found seven types of apostolic teams which may serve as models for us today.

  1. Band of Evangelists – Yeshua's original group of twelve did not so much prophesy or start congregations. They shared the Gospel (and healed the sick). This was true of the group of apostles under Simeon Peter's leadership as we find in Acts 1 – 12.  Jews for Jesus gives us a picture of multiplying evangelistic teams.
  2. Band of Prophets – In ancient Israel prophets such as Samuel, Elijah and Elisha led bands of younger "student" prophets (I Samuel 10:5).  The early team of apostles began by praying and prophesying together (Acts 1:14, 2:17).  It is likely that a group of young visionaries attached themselves to John, who became his prophetic band.  IHOP-KC has been a source for other prayer houses around the world.
  3. Mother Congregation – In Acts 13 there were teachers and prophets in the Antioch congregation.  They sent out Paul (Shaul) and Barnabas. They became the support base for Paul's team and others.  The congregation in Jerusalem was the mother of all apostolic base congregations. Beth Yeshua (Philadelphia) and Tents of Mercy (Haifa) are examples of Messianic congregations which have multiplied into others.  
  4. Training School – In Acts 19, we see Paul teaching every day at the school of Tiranus.  The school was more than just a teaching center.  The teaching format provided a base for spreading the message of the kingdom of God across the entire area of Asia Minor (Acts 19:10). Modern day Bible schools, such as YWAM, CFNI, Gateways, ICOB and MJBI are apostolic centers for extending the kingdom.
  5. Paul's Staff – A group of people began to gather around Paul as a support team. Some of them were leaders in training, some assistant apostles to Paul, others were helpers, secretaries, organizers, etc.  Titus became an apostle in Pauls' place.  Gaius copied Paul's letters. They served as the staff of a congregational planting team. For twelve years, the Revive Israel team has operated according to this model.
  6. Five-fold Ministry – As Paul's team grew from being primarily his staff to being leaders in their own right, there emerged the patter of an apostolic leadership team made up of 5 different kinds of callings. Ephesian 4:11 describes these as, "apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor and teacher."  We are delighted to see much of our staff at Revive Israel becoming Ephesian 4 level leaders in their own right.
  7. Senior Advisory Council – In Acts 15 several senior leaders, including Peter, Paul and Jacob, gathered together to forge strategy, set policy and settle disputes.  There was not one "pope" but rather a group of leaders in mutual submission, dialogue, and prayer. We have this type of relationship in our senior advisory team at Tikkun International, with Dan Juster, Eitan Shishkoff, Paul Wilbur and David Rudolph. 

May these biblical models help us bear more fruit as we seek to serve the Lord in this generation!

Disgusting Donald

Trump's remarks about women were disgusting and could do much damage to women around the United States.  On the other hand, the damage done to the family structure by an aggressive pro homosexuality, pro-abortion Supreme Court could be a thousand times worse!

Trump's attitude toward business is a capitalist, tycoon bully.  On the other hand by ignoring the 20 trillion dollar debt in the United States could cause the global economy to go into a tail spin that would cause millions to suffer around the world.

Trump's insensitive remarks about Muslims border on racism and demagoguery. On the other hand, a politically-correct attitude toward Islamic terrorism has ALREADY caused 10 million people to lose their homes, 450,000 murdered and countless women raped.  To continue to refuse to fight Jihadic extremism is a danger of historically untold proportions. 

The presidential race in the United States is crucial for people in every nation. Let's all pray according to Matthew 16:19 as never before for God to intervene supernaturally in these coming elections!

Watch Asher's thoughts on the US elections HERE!

New Law Against Porn in Israel

Last Saturday at Ahavat Yeshua there was a clear and bold message from Oded Shoshani about the devastating effects of pornography and the need to live lives of transparency. We were amazed to see in the news the next morning that a new law against pornography unanimously passed the Israeli cabinet legislative committee on the way to the Knesset. 

The law will require internet suppliers to block pornographic or harmful sites automatically until the user specifically asks for the site to be opened; and in which case the user must be and adult. The law would not make pornography illegal but would help to filter its distribution. The law is proposed by Shuli Mualem of the Jewish Home party.  Currently statistics report that 60% of Israeli children from the ages of 9 to 15 watch internet porno.

California Outreach Recap

We sent our international director Cody Archer and Matias, a young worship leader from Jerusalem to California to minister for 20 days. They have returned and here is an encouraging report from their trip. Watch HERE!

Global Gathering

This week the Revive Israel team is helping to host the Global Gathering prayer and praise celebration in Jerusalem with believers from all over the world.  The main meetings will take place in the Arena Pais arena with approximately 10,000 expected participants. Follow us through the week on Facebook and please join us in prayer for this event. To watch the LIVE WEB-STREAM click HERE!

Regathered For Revival

In this message from the Healing Rooms in Santa Maria, California, Cody Archer shows how the regathering of the Jewish people is leading up to a massive end time revival in Israel before Yeshua returns. To watch in English, Click HERE!