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A Response to “Wealth of the Gentiles”

Lou Engle

Several years ago I was attending a OneThing gathering in Jerusalem. My friend who has been a prophet to me for 33 years, had two striking dreams during the few days we were there. 

In the first dream TheCall received a phone call from 4 Ruths—Ruth Prince, Derek Prince’s wife, Ruth Graham, Billy Grahams wife, Ruth Heflin, a prophet to Israel, and Ruth of Ruth and Boaz.  In the second dream, Dutch Sheets and I were calling for a global spiritual Aliyah. I believe these two dreams are one and the same.  There is coming a movement of the gentile Ruths who will turn their hearts toward Israel and to the Jewish Messianic community and they will declare, “Your people shall be my people, and your God shall be my God.” 

We believe the dream is an invitation for a united global calling to the Gentile nations for spiritual Aliyah.  We can't “immigrate back” to Israel because we are not Jews, but we can turn our hearts back to Israel in a corresponding “spiritual Aliyah”.  The scripture is true, “Where your heart is, there will your treasure be also.” It seems clear that a turning of the hearts of the Gentile Church to the Messianic Apostolic community will have its practical application in a massive outpouring of finances, laying their treasure at the apostle’s feet, just as Ruth turned her heart toward Boaz of the Messianic line, and laid herself at his feet.  

In the releasing of this kind of blessing to the seed of Abraham, a corresponding multiplied blessing for the fulfillment of the Great Commission will boomerang back upon the gentile church.

“For I will bless those who bless you and I will curse those who curse you.” 

Just as Cornelius’ gifts to the Messianic community opened up a door to the gentiles, so too this boomerang blessing will finance the fulfillment of “every tribe and every tongue” receiving the witness of the Gospel. I first experienced this principal of boomerang blessing when several years ago in New Jersey an offering was being taken for the Jewish people and I joyfully gave 1,000 dollars in faith that I would also be blessed.  The following day a completely unexpected check came in and I was blessed with $7,000! Seven is the fullness of blessing. The gentile gift to the Messianic community will help finance the final evangelist thrust of the Gospel to the Jews leading to the fulfillment of Romans 11:12,15.  This seemingly small revelation, if stewarded, could lead to a massive worldwide outpouring of generosity from the gentile world to fulfill the word of Isaiah, “The wealth of the nations shall be brought to you.” This could multiply and thrust forth a new Apostolic Era for the finishing of the task and bringing back the King.

A Time and Place

Asher Intrater shares on the importance of timing and geography in the plan of God throughout history and the end times. To Watch in English click here

Faith in Tel Aviv

By Moti Cohen

Recently, we started our new ‘Foundations of Faith’ course as new visitors, mainly unbelievers, have been coming almost every week now to our congregation Tiferet Yeshua in Tel Aviv. This course is designed for new believers, but it’s also for people who haven’t yet decided to receive the Lord. At the end of our last course we had three new believers who were baptized and joined the Tiferet Yeshua family.

This year we have a few students who already intend on getting baptized and thereby committing their life to the Lord at the end of the course. Here is one of their stories:

When ‘M’ was released from the army he moved to Tel Aviv, and we immediately invited him to join the course. In the very first lesson I realized that ‘M’ truly loves Yeshua and wants to know Him. We talked about the importance of reading and meditating on the Word of God and ‘M’ shared that it’s very hard for him to concentrate while reading. I told him that we have a yearly reading plan that goes through the entire Tanakh and New Testament in a single year, and he asked for a copy on the spot. From each lesson to the next, it’s easy to see how much ‘M’ has grown in his faith.

If you’d like to learn more about Tiferet Yeshua congregation in Tel Aviv or want to hear more testimonies about what God is doing in Tel Aviv, please visit their website at

Discipleship Journey

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