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Healing Father Wounds

By Asher Intrater

father and son

The Ten Commandments mention parental relationships two times; once positive and once negative.  No parents were perfectly good or perfectly bad.  Whether the influence was 99% in one direction or 1% in the other, in every generational relationship, there are good things to receive and bad things to reject.

פוקד עוון אבות על בנים...

Deuteronomy 5:8 – visiting the sis of the fathers on the sons…

God does not punish us for our parents' wrongdoings. However, the result of our parents' lacks and wrongs does have a great influence on us.  We have to forgive them and remove the negative influence from our memories, souls and behavior.  Sometimes a person unconsciously repeats the same bad actions of his parents; or sometimes over-reacts in just the opposite way; which is still in effect, letting that influence dominate us.  Some fathers were abusive; some were absent. 

כבד את אביך ואת אמך...

Deuteronomy 5:15 – honor you father and your mother…

When we honor someone, we place ourselves in a position to receive good things from them.  When we honor our parents, we receive the good spiritual inheritance and qualities that they had to pass on to us.  Honor goes up; and blessing comes down.

We have to come to peace with our parents' "inheritance" and influence in our lives.  I recently came across an old photo of my parents, when they were the age that my children are now.  When I saw it, I experienced an inner release and freedom.  It was as if I was finally totally at peace and in line with all who my parents are.

There is a process that many of us go through. At each age of our children's lives, we understand our parents' perspective of their relationship with us when we were that age.  This gives us a "second chance," as it were, to repent, be set free and receive blessing.

This week, we had a time of discussion and prayer with the men on our team in which we realized that many of the issues we seem to be struggling with in the ministry organization, the congregations, and our decision making processes, had nothing to do with what seemed to be the obvious issue.  It all had to do with one another's relationships with our dads. 

The responses of each one of us were not appropriate or proportionate to the issue we were dealing with.   In order to become the person God has made us to be, to fulfill our destiny, and to bear much fruit in our lives, we must be healed of parental wounds, forgive them of their wrongs, and receive their good qualities.

The Secret of Prayer

Asher Intrater

Asher shares the way to pray biblically and with results.

Subtitles available in Danish, Dutch, English, French, Italian, Korean, Portuguese (BR), and Spanish!


Welcoming the King of Glory – Ground-breaking Sukkot Conference

Joni Koski


Conference speaker Benjamin Berger, said that of all the many great conferences he has attended since his 1971 aliya, this year’s Sukkot – Welcoming the King of Glory conference was the most significant.

For the first time it was initiated by local Messianic leaders - and led by Avi Mizrachi. Other speakers included Eitan Shishkoff, Asher Intrater, and Reuven Berger.

The conference was marked by both great local unity and the purposeful alignment of visiting nations to Israel.

Visitors came from the ends-of-the-earth and most notably the Pacific Islands, presenting themselves before some local leaders with gifts and colourful song and dance.

When one of the Pacific Islanders was offered Asher’s new Alignment book for free, he was reminded that on his way to the conference God had told him to go back home and bring his plumb line. On receiving the book, he understood the prophetic meaning of the plumb line in its alignment function.

Poignantly, at the climax of the Solomon Island’s presentation, one man with an existing heart condition tragically died. Their leader, Father Michael, had actually warned the group that this might happen in the tangible presence of God, and the conference was filled with the fear of the Lord.

For Revive Israel’s Ariel Blumenthal, assistant MC, the highlight was when a group from Africa came and opened their hearts about the poverty and failure of Africa, tracing it back to Ham and the curse of his father Noah. In response, descendants of Noah’s other sons, Shem and Japeth, got together and in faith reversed that curse of Ham.

The conference, unwelcome in Jerusalem’s Kosher hotels, took place in a basketball arena in the largely Israel-friendly, Muslim town of Abu Ghosh, just outside Jerusalem – where Obed Edom looked after the Ark of the Covenant for three months (2 Sam 6:11). While the first rains fell after Israel’s long, hot summer, the conference highlighted clear prophetic parallels between bringing the ark back to Jerusalem and preparing the way for Yeshua’s return.

Poland/Czech Trip


Asher Intrater and Tal Robin will be in the Czech Republic and Poland next week! Please pray for them as they teach at the following conferences:

Czech Republic: October 26-27

Poland: October 28

If you’ll be in the area, please be sure to watch our invitation video!