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Revive Israel Ministries

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Chai TV

Our vision is to give every Israeli the opportunity to receive the truth of Yeshua in Hebrew, through: 

  1. Partnering with the body of Messiah in Israel through the platform of evangelistic TV, enhancing unity. 
  2. Helping to radically improve the perception of Yeshua in Israel, replacing misunderstanding with truth. 
  3. Working to see hundreds of thousands of Israelis saved. 

Testimony from Sarah*: I always used the name ‘Yeshu’, when referring to Jesus, which is a curse word. I am religious and have been afraid to ask questions in my own community. However, through watching the broadcasts in Hebrew, I came to understand that Yeshua is not the person I thought he was. Yeshua actually means ‘salvation’, and I am beginning to open my heart to receive His salvation.

Video invitation from Asher Intrater to partner with this project.

Testimony from Yaron*: I am a young secular Jew. I found after watching an advertisement about the channel and now watch regularly. I started dialoguing with the team of Yeshua Chai and eventually requested a Hebrew New Testament.

Currently the Yeshua Chai TV has forty-eight hours of material that is used around the clock. In 2019 we plan to add another thirteen hours of powerful content. But we can't do this without you! We need $37,000 USD to reach this goal. For every $1,000 USD donated we are able to produce twenty minutes worth of high-quality content in Hebrew.

It is particularly important for them to hear the gospel in the Hebrew language and through the Israeli culture, so that the Gospel message is not seen as something foreign or alien, because such an approach typically meets with considerable resistance.

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*Sarah and Yaron are not real names, but represent typical users of

"Nesher" (Eagle) Project

nesher logo

We are excited to share a new project developed in cooperation with Shavei Tsion congregation in Haifa. Based on Is. 40:31, the goal is to raise up the next generation of leaders in Israel, through discipleship, training and hands-on experience both locally among Israeli communities, and in the nations, in an unprecedented way of combining theological studies and activating the gifts of the Spirit. Including:

  1. Post-military trip for young believers, to receive refreshment, rest, healing, and personal direction, along with seeing the country, connecting with local believers and developing personal gifts and ministry in congregations. This year Jeremiah participated in a trip to Norway with 21 other young adults, from 8 local congregations in Israel. (Sponsor and send one young Israeli to Norway for $1,000) 
  2. "Shoresh" (Roots) training seminar – a 3-month course for personal discipleship and teaching from many Messianic leaders and teachers in Israel. The pilot course this year was very fruitful, with many learning to flow in the gifts of the Spirit for the first time, 12 students graduating, and one of them moving on to get baptized! (Sponsor one student for $900 USD!)

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Nesher Eagle Project Nesher Eagle Project
Nesher Eagle Project Nesher Eagle Project
Nesher Eagle Project Nesher Eagle Project