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Intercessory Prayer (Part 2)

Asher Intrater

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In order to "pass on" the baton of intercessory prayer to the next generation, here are more essential aspects of prayer that need to be embraced:

6. Forcefully and Energetically –
Answer to prayer happens by intervention of God, not by our own effort.  On the other hand, real prayer requires a huge amount of effort.  Elijah prayed so forcefully, that it stopped the rain and changed history (Jacob 5:17). When Shimon (Peter) was put in jail, the community prayed with great forcefulness for his release, since in the previous case, they apparently didn't pray hard enough for Jacob's release, and he was killed (Acts 12:1-5). We are urged to pray unceasingly, with diligence and boldness (Luke 18:1; Romans 12:12).

7. Not Our Will – Often we simply pray for what we want. However true intercession starts by denying ourselves and seeking God's will (Luke 9:23). One of the greatest moments of prayer was Yeshua's simple but piercing cry: "Not my will but Your will" (Matthew 26:39-40). Yeshua is still seeking those who will pray that kind of prayer, because it will change the whole world. 

8. By Kingdom Plan – Prayer is not only asking for God's will to be done in our own lives, but that His plan for human society would come to pass.  That plan is called the kingdom of God (Matthew 6:9-10). Since He told us to pray for that kingdom to come, we understand that prayer can advance the purposes of God's government.  We coordinate our personal prayers with this overall pattern and strategy.

9. For Kings (Leaders) – We desire to bless everyone, but it is simply not possible for us to pray for every single person on the planet by name!   It becomes obvious that we should pray for those with the most influence, who in turn can bless many, many others. This starts with government leaders, and includes judges, as well as business, cultural, educational and religious leaders (I Timothy 2:1-4).  In our modern world, media figures have a particularly strong influence on public opinion.

10. In Agreement – Prayers of faith can do anything; and when those prayers are prayed together with others in heart agreement, the power of that prayer can multiply ten-fold, a hundred-fold, and more We seek to pray with others, as prayer partners or in prayer meetings, or through broad internet communication of certain prayer needs and themes (Matthew 18:19). Husbands and wives definitely need to practice praying together (I Peter 3:7).

11. For Unity – Those who understand spiritual warfare know that demonic forces always seek to divide and conquer God's people, while we always seek to unite by prayer and love.  Oneness with God is Yeshua's highest example of prayer (John 17:21-23; Luke 11:17). If you are not praying for unity, you may unwittingly be part of the problem.

12. In Yeshua's name – We pray everything under the lordship and authority of Yeshua the Messiah.  We are aligned with Him. Proclaiming Yeshua's name is not just about adding a pious salutation at the end of our prayers— “in Jesus’ name”; it is a consciousness that we are standing as His personal representatives on the earth (John 14:13-14; 15:16; 16:23-24). That kind of prayer has unlimited impact and effectiveness.

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